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SEGA AGES: Virtua Racing Coming To Nintendo Switch And Most Wanted Title Revealed

SEGA took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show for their SEGA AGES panel and announced that SEGA AGES: Virtua Racing is the next title in the series for the Nintendo Switch. The company also revealed the most wanted SEGA AGES title from Japanese users on Twitter. Here are the results, which may, or may not, surprise you!

  • Jet Set Radio series
  • Shenmue (I & II)
  • Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG
  • Virtua Fighter series
  • Shining series
  • Panzer Dragoon series
  • Sakura Wars series
  • Puyo Puyo series
  • Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series
  • Burning Ranger
  • Skies of Arcadia
  • NiGHTS into dreams…
  • Golden Axe series
  • Mushiking: The King of Beetles series
  • Phantasy Star Online
  • Space Channel 5 series
  • Out Run series
  • Sonic Adventure 1, 2
  • Daytona USA series
  • SpikeOut series
  • Die Hard Arcade series
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Virtua Racing
  • Fantasy Zone series
  • Dragon Force series
  • Sega Rally series
  • Phantasy Star (old) series
  • Guardian Heroes
  • Out Run 2 (including SP)
  • Wing War



17 thoughts on “SEGA AGES: Virtua Racing Coming To Nintendo Switch And Most Wanted Title Revealed”

  1. WHHAAAAATTTT???? NOW THIS is an interesting line up omg.I though they’d follow Nintendo’s exemple and take 2 thousand year with Genesis games before moving on with the other consoles

      1. Apparently this list is just a most wanted list and not what’s confirmed to come.
        But if we were to see all of these games rereleased on the switch, then Sega undoubtedly beat Nintendo in the classic offerings department.

  2. I voted for Azel :) Shenmue just got HD release… we need Panzer Dragoon Saga, not Shenmue yet another time xP I do have that physical cartridge for Virtua Racing. It’s quite huge because of the SVP-chip or whatever it was called.

  3. As great as the list is, I think we can sadly count panzer dragoon saga out. Sega famously lost the source code years ago. Not sure how difficult a port would be in terms of the Saturn’s complicated architecture and reverse engineering the original discs 🤔😪

  4. The rumour was that Sega had a few more HD dreamcast remasters in the works for XBLA back in the day but canned them when Jet Set Radio and Space Channel 5 didn’t meet sales expectations. After all this time I’m still waiting for Skies of Arcadia HD, but all will be forgiven if it finally comes out on Gods own console the Nintendo Switch.

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