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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To The Switch

It has been announced today that the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The trilogy has been highly requested by fans and is sure to be great to play on your travels or at home.

Thanks to onealfgarcia for the tip!


29 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Coming To The Switch”

  1. They promised us more than one PW this year I think, and first now in September we get this game again? Kind of disappointed…
    No, wait! I must correct myself, there will be a new game this financial year! So we could have to wait to March next year. Oh, well.

    1. Oh, boy. You’re in for a treat. I was quite younger when PW first launched on DS, but those games are truly fabolous and still are. The first one might suffer from weaker localisation, and the second game might be hard as f, but the third one is awesome! Spirit of Justice on 3DS is also amazing.

    2. Ohhh, you’ll wish you played them earlier, they’re all great games. I just hope they fixed all the typos in the second game, Justice For All. PWAA has to be one of the most satisfying trilogies ever.

    1. We haven’t had a physical release for Ace Attorney since Miles Edgeworth Investigations on DS, if you don’t want to count the PW vs Layton crossover. 3DS was successful enough, and didn’t get physical releases, so I wouldn’t bet on that we’ll get now eitner.

  2. How many times do they need to re-release these games? If you said anything other than “infinitely many” then wrong answer, better luck next time!

    1. Well, they *are* great games and I honestly believe anyone who calls themselves a gamer should play them, this makes it easier.

      I don’t see this kind of outcry with other games that got ported umpteen times like Rayman 2.

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