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Arcade Archives Donkey Kong JR Coming To Nintendo Switch

The faithful team at Hamster have confirmed today that Arcade Archives Donkey Kong JR is the next game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop from the company. The game has often been requested by fans, so it is sure to be lapped up.


5 thoughts on “Arcade Archives Donkey Kong JR Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. oh boy, they should just sell us VC games again from Nes to gamecube and release one game every week and people with online sub get 50% off. Online sub should just do full back up of saves and pictures and that’s it, stop with constant changing and experimenting Nintendo, thank you.

  2. I am not one bit interested good for those who were waiting for it.

    Imo the Nes offer of NSO is lessened by such games being availible for sell on their own. I should stop right now or the fanboys will crucify me

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