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Valve: “The Switch Pro Controller [Used On Steam] Is Pretty Popular For A New Device”

Earlier this year, Valve added Steam input support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Well, Valve has provided an update on Steam controller usage earlier today. According to Valve, the Switch Pro Controller is “pretty popular for a new device”. Nearly 500,000 players use the controller on Steam, which is “the 7th most popular controller type on Steam”. Valve gave some graphs, as well as a summary on the Switch Pro Controller’s usage, so you can see both down below.

The Switch Pro controller arrived in 2017 and players immediately began attaching them to their PCs. At the time, support was mostly limited to basic Steam Input remapping; meaning the UI did not match the physical device and features like motion control and rumble were not available. In May 2018, a Steam update enabled the full feature set of the device, added matching artwork in the UI, and improved the overall experience. The result was an acceleration in Switch Pro controller registrations and a rise to the 7th most popular controller type on Steam.


13 thoughts on “Valve: “The Switch Pro Controller [Used On Steam] Is Pretty Popular For A New Device””

  1. I’ve tried it on Steam and it works perfectly. I would love to replace my primary controller with tne Switch Pro, but I’ve come to depend on buttons under the controller now. “Can’t” play without them.

  2. I tried it once (but I didn’t inhale, sorry couldn’t resist). It worked very well. I maintain the opinion that the Switch controller is a very solid controller.

  3. Cool. Switch Pro controller is the best current controller imo. Dualshock 4 makes my hands cramp after long sessions, and the Xbone controller just isn’t comfortable at all to me. I’m glad it works so well with Steam. It’s all I use to play PC games now (unless it’s a FPS, which I still use KB and mouse for).

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