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Major Bug Deletes Your Undertale Save Data On Nintendo Switch

Undertale developer 8-4, Ltd. has confirmed that a major issue is affecting the progress of players on Nintendo Switch. The bug in question can lead to the permanent loss of your save data when you start-up the game. However, you can rest assured that a fix is in the works and will hopefully be made available soon. In the meantime, you may want to adhere to the developer’s advice in the embedded post below:

16 thoughts on “Major Bug Deletes Your Undertale Save Data On Nintendo Switch”

    1. Yet if you play it on a SNES Classic, the save function just doesn’t plain work.
      Or at least, I cannot make it work.

      1. I had the same problem. Here’s a solution that worked for me:

        Enable FTP features in Hakchi, download /bin/retroarch-clover-child to your PC, edit it with a good program like Notepad++ (there’s only one instance of “sleep 3” in the script. Replace the 3 with a 5) and then reupload it to the SNES mini’s /bin/ directory. Hopefully this change will be made by the maintainer, ClusterM, in the next release of the retroarch package.

  1. So in other words, to prevent save loss:

    If you accidently select this game (or back out from playing it), select a user anyway, then once the game boots up, return to the home menu if you do not wish to play the game.

  2. If you’re unaware, beating Undertale in a specific way permanently alters the other kinds of endings you can get in replays. Even if you delete your save entirely, those other endings are supposed to stay altered. I’m guessing the need to link the game to an account has to do with this feature, as identifying the correct ending to play even through a save deletion is going to require it identifying you somehow.

    Sorry if that’s a little vague. Spoilers matter a lot in Undertale.

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  4. why are people still pining for earthbound 2 (mother 3) I played and completed it and found it pretty bland the original was much better i know this game has a huge following but give nintendo time and they will do it eventually and only when they feel it’s the right time. Complaining on a forum/message board does nothing but only prove that you’ve nothing better to do than bitch about a game that is pretty old news now and nintendo are trying to move forward with new ips and get more third party support for the switch. so in short, BE PATIENT, or play the full english version a quick google search will help you with that. but if your still bitching after the advice i gave then maybe your better off without it.

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