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Shin’en Announces Art Of Balance For Nintendo Switch eShop Coming In October

Shin’en has finally revealed what they have been working on all this time and it turns out it is the Art of Balance for the Nintendo Switch. The game will be a digital release and available via the Nintendo Switch eShop on 4th October for $8.99.


  1. Aww! I was hoping for a new title. I loved “Art of Balance” on Wii U but can’t see myself re-buying it. “Fast RMX” had enough new content to feel new, hopefully they do something similar with this.

  2. OMG YES. I remember this game on Wii and being super impressed. Its a really relaxing but engaging puzzler and I had a lot of fun playing this with my mother and best friend! I thought it was lost to time but I can get it for switch!? How will the pointer controls work with this!?

  3. Shinen please make a new Nano Assault… I think it would be a better follow up to the FAST RMX…

    Although my brother loved this game on his 3DS (pronounced 3Deeees)

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