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Video: The RetroArch Emulator Is Now On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch‘s hacking scene continues to evolve faster than expected. Hackers have managed to get RetroArch, an emulator, to work on the console. This emulator works for nearly every major retro console, including the Playstation 1. The emulator also includes online play. Some Nintendo Switch footage that shows the emulator in-action can be seen down below, so feel free to check it out.


  1. Where did Spawnwave… ehm… “spawn” from. Been following him for some months now, but he just appeared from nowhere and now he’s everywhere.

    1. He was up and coming a couple of years ago. I was led to him back when SuperMetalDave64 referred to his channel in a video. He had 150 subscribers or so at the time, and now he has about 10 times the number of subscribers that SuperMetalDave64 has! People listen to him because he’s got a good on-camera presence and he has a history in console repairs, so when it comes to the technological side of things he knows of what he speaks and doesn’t just put out click-bait like a few of the other Nintendo-oriented YouTubers do. My hat goes off to him!

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