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Stardew Valley Developer Says “Nintendo Switch Is Truly A Perfect Home For The Game”

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You may have noticed that Nintendo Switch’s news section contains an interview with Eric Barone, the developer behind the acclaimed Stardew Valley, which is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Mr. Barone talks about the game’s success and what is next for the series, which is the multiplayer update which should hopefully be coming soon. Here’s what he said:

“Six years ago, I began working on a simple farming game as a project to improve my programming skills. Over time, the scope of the project grew and grew until it had become something bigger than I ever imagined… Though I was proud of what I had created, I never dreamed the game would become so popular and make so many people happy. Having grown up as a huge Nintendo fan, seeing my game on the Nintendo Switch feels surreal but also brings me a lot of joy.”

“I’m still very excited about Stardew Valley and what its future holds. With the upcoming multiplayer updatethere is so much life left in the valley… and Nintendo Switch is truly a perfect home for the game.”


Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!

10 thoughts on “Stardew Valley Developer Says “Nintendo Switch Is Truly A Perfect Home For The Game””

      1. You talk as if he’s on here 24/7 and making paragraph long comments every couple of minutes. Besides, if he’s a true PC gamer, he’s got a PC that lets him play games AND come on here and talk shit at the same time. So even if he was on here 24/7 and making a comment every couple of minutes, he still spends more time playing his games than commenting on here. So really, trashing Nintendo gamers on here doesn’t really hinder his gaming as much as you might think.

    1. I think I’ll double dip. The pc version is nice but I need some portability until I can find a permanent place to live

    2. Yeah, I’m always PC first. I love building a new high end rig every few years. My Steam wishlist is hundreds deep. But since the Switch came out, I don’t buy indies on my gaming PC, even though it’s setup as a couch PC and perfect for it. When system specs don’t matter, the Switch’s portability (for my lifestyle as a busy dad) will always make it the preferred platform.

  1. I think that’s why I never got into Stardew. I picked it up on the PC and HATED the M/KB controls, even though that’s what I’m most comfortable with. I’d never buy an FPS on a console if I could get it on the PC, and I’ll take motion controls over analog every time. For a Harvest Moon clone though? I need a controller. And the way this game was designed, I couldn’t see how it could be comfortably ported to a controller.

    That said, it seems weird to call this a corporate cash grab when it’s literally a single developer that happened to strike gold. It’s not like he’s doing anything wrong by promoting his baby, even if his baby was successful. And my understanding is that he’s put a ton of work into it post release.

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