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US: Nielson Reveals Most Wanted Games This Autumn And Winter 2018

Super Mario Party characters

There are a number of high profile games releasing this winter and they include Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon Let’s Go!, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 amongst others. Nielson has surveyed nearly 6000 people and the most popular game this winter is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 narrowly beating Red Dead Redemption 2. The most popular games on the Nintendo Switch are Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Party. Take a look at the infographic down below.



9 thoughts on “US: Nielson Reveals Most Wanted Games This Autumn And Winter 2018”

    1. Spider-man was really good with a bunch of content, not sure how it’s “bare bones.” I swear people just like to not like things.

        1. Since I did a number of the collectibles, I’m not sure how much time it took me to get through the story line and main side quests. But the webslinging and combat was so polished, the collectibles were just goals to set in the playground. I also enjoyed the narrative more than any of the movies.

          All quests and objectives are basically the same in any game: reach this point and/or kill thing to be reward with in game items and/or narrative. How the game lets you achieve those objectives is what makes a game fun, and I swung from the same webs and fought the same stuff to get to the collectibles as I did to finish a mission objective. Heck, Mario Odyssey is 90% “meaningless” collectibles, but it’s also a fun playground.

          We’re talking a 2% difference in excitement as measured by some data collection of two quality games, and now people don’t have taste because their sports team err preferred game series didn’t win? I don’t mind that a bunch of sports and military shooters are up there, even though I’ll never play them.

        2. If that’s his idea of barebone, that means Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: BotW are pretty “barebone”, too, if you remove all of the “meaningless” collectibles from those games. If you did just the story for those games, they’d be pretty short, too.

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