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Japan: Nintendo Has 2 Published Mobile Games In Top 10 Daily Grossing Chart

Nintendo seems to be doing extremely well with its various mobile efforts and none more so than Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes. Both of these self published games by Nintendo are in the top ten mobile daily grossing chart which shows that they are making some serious cash for the Kyoto-based company. Pokemon GO is also performing well and is number thirteen on iOS and number 5 on Android.

4 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Has 2 Published Mobile Games In Top 10 Daily Grossing Chart”

  1. i realy want to know, if they make more cash with the mobile game or with switch or 3ds game?
    i mean odyssy vs fire emblem heroes
    in relation to the hours to produce?
    is there any numbers?

  2. I wanna like Dragalia, despite its awful cookie-cutted characters. But clocking at almost 3GB and more if you want story; not to mention how terrible it runs on my iphone 6, I guess it’s just not for me. I hope Mario Kart next year actually runs on older phones.

  3. It’s pretty addicting once you get into it. The only deal I’m seeing though is that it is extremely easy maxing out your fort, weapons, and characters. I’m wondering if this is suppose to be a short game. They gotta start adding more content because maxing things out is easy.

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