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Video: Digital Foundry – Mega Man 11 Is A Platforming Masterpiece

The tech enthusiasts over at Digital Foundry have been testing a new project and that is Mega Man 11. The team have come away extremely impressed with the game and its performance with all systems tested and each and every one performing as expected. If you are a Mega Man fan you are going to want to watch this in-depth video from the team.

“It’s DF Retro x Modern once again! John takes a look at Mega Man 11 across six platforms and examines what makes it a platforming masterpiece – by going back to where it all began.”

15 thoughts on “Video: Digital Foundry – Mega Man 11 Is A Platforming Masterpiece”

  1. I wouldn’t go THAT far calling it a masterpiece, it’s still really short. Fun, but still short. And calling it a Mania moment is an insult, cause Mania is an insult to us real gamers.

    1. It may be short, but Mega Man games in the past used to be even shorter than this. The stages actually got longer in 11. In any case, I wouldn’t take a short length as a major factor in determining a game’s quality.

  2. I played the demo and I didn’t like the jumping physics. It just felt like an animation with no physics. I know this isn’t a good comparison, but I love how you can jump in super Mario odyssey. Feels more physics based and not so animated.

  3. I’m a huge MegaMan fan but honestly I don’t see myself spending $30 for it anymore. I prefer story based gameplay now, there’s plenty of platformers I have to play at lower prices

  4. There isn’t enough Checkpoints in the game with the longer levels and that discouraged me to stop playing for now, making one mistake to only be sent light years back is to much of a punishment and this is coming from a guy that has beating basically every other mega man game to date. TBH I’d compare this more to Sonic 4 then Mania ^^; Some things feel like they could have had more put into it…

    1. PS1 was the last time I played mega man and no other games similiar till then. And I got so bad at this kind of games, it’s hilarius can’t beat this yellow guy Devil MK-III. It just keeps besting me all the time. Don’t wanna use the e-tanks. And I’m playing on noob mode.

    2. Yeah, Mega Man 11 was quite brutal. Wily 1 was definitely the most difficult stage in the game. That made it quite satisfying to beat, but it’s also understandable that it isn’t for everyone. I also would have loved a few more checkpoints. At the very least, 1-UPs should respawn in the game. Currently, they don’t even respawn on Game Over, which I think they did in every other Mega Man.

  5. I have the physical amiibo edition for the Switch. But it’ll be ages before I play it. I still plan to play the first 2 Legacy Collections on PS4 first. And I have several games in line before those. SO many good games coming out since September. I’m swamped.

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