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Video: A Look At Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate + Capcom Crossovers

The official Monster Hunter Youtube channel uploaded a new video this week taking a look at the numerous Capcom crossovers that are available in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. These include Dante from the Devil May Cry series and Blanka from Street Fighter amongst others.

Tons of Free DLC quests are currently available on #MHGU, with more on the way! Be sure to select “Download” from the main menu to start decking out your characters with your favorite Capcom costumes.

7 thoughts on “Video: A Look At Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate + Capcom Crossovers”

  1. Yeah I’ll think I will pass MH this gen, let’s see how it plays out on Switch and if Capcom has any interest to move forward with Nintendo, if not, well I’m happy I didn’t invest grind time and money in it anymore. We have enough online games now anyways, Wii U is gone, no MH game, no worries !

  2. Who cares about crossover characters in MH… give us the real stuff, Capcom… give us Street Fighter 4 and 5, RE7 (for real) and DMC.

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