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Video: Blighttown In Dark Souls Remastered On Nintendo Switch In Docked And Handheld Mode

GameXplain has uploaded some fairly new footage of Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch which finally launches this month. The area showcased is Blighttown which is notorious for its frame rate issues. However, it looks like Bandai Namco has done a good job with regards to the delayed Nintendo Switch port. Take a look at Blighttown’s performance in both docked and handheld mode.

16 thoughts on “Video: Blighttown In Dark Souls Remastered On Nintendo Switch In Docked And Handheld Mode”

      1. Each game has it’s strengths and weaknesses but DS2 remains my favorite. If you can get past the somewhat unpolished feep of the games… You’ll enjoy some of the best level designs in video games.

      1. I feel sorry for you, you still playing this casual boring piece of shit.
        Still listing to every Potato farmer his story, collecting cheese and worthless items or going into the same boring dungeon killing spiders and skeletons.

        Someone bro, you have no taste in games if you still play this wood of a game.

    1. Ugh I hate Dark Souls two. I beat it awhile back. Its FINE but it feels so soulless. Its a Hollow in itself. Missing the better world and feeling of the other Dark Souls games. Granted it would be still fine to see it ported as well. There are ppl who adore PvP in DS2. Can’t say I play Dark Souls for the PvP myself. If like to skip to 3 and revisit that game tho.

      1. Drangleic just has a special place in my heart. Sure, the geography of the maps are a little convoluted (especially compared to the high bar DS1 set) but I still love it to pieces. It has a Ladder Guy, for goodness sake!

        DS3… I don’t know. I’d almost call it the hollow one because it’s more like a love letter to DS1 or DS: Greatest Hits. The map is pretty linear too but the individual area maps themselves are pretty fantastic. The Cathedral of the Deep may be my favorite Souls map.

        1. People criticize ds3 from borrowing a lot from the first game but I feel like of all game franchises Dark Souls can do that for Narrative reasons and it actually makes sense. The whole story being about being stuck in the cycle of lighting the flame and possibly finally ending the process. It makes sense that things in DS world repeat because it is. Imo anyway I didn’t have a problem with it. Plus the music and world and details were so good. I still prefer it as satisfying conclusion and continuation of the mood and world I liked of DS1. Also when I do a strength build with an axe my weapon hits the enemy I’m targeting and that’s less frustrating. Anyway that should port 2 AND 3. 3 for me >:)

  1. Shit game by bandai, Monster Hunter is way better.
    What a joke of overhyped game for causal Sony gamers. The monsters always do same moves !!!
    Just learn like you learn a test on school and repeat. It’s not like Monster hunter at all.

    Just shows you, you can’t trust all these comments and fools commenting here and everywhere it’s so goooood.

    Eye roll

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