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Amazon Italy Lists Sonic Double Pack For Nintendo Switch

It has been discovered today that Amazon Italy has a product page up for a Sonic Double Pack. The Sonic Double Pack is listed for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The product listing doesn’t give anything away but it could include Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, or alternatively, it could contain the upcoming Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Mania. If it is an accurate listing then hopefully we should hear soon.


10 thoughts on “Amazon Italy Lists Sonic Double Pack For Nintendo Switch”

      1. Yeah, he’s right. Practice your skills of holding up and A while the game plays itself for you, when it isn’t constantly interrupted by godawful poorly written cutscenes and loading screens.

      1. Heh. Notice how they didn’t posit “Team Sonic Racing with Sonic Forces”?

        @Programmer: The only reason I can see them doing this is so they can use the good will and good reviews of Sonic Mania to sell some more copies of the utterly dreadful Sonic Forces. God knows that SF can’t stand on it’s own.

  1. They must have had a bunch of left over Forces carts and figured that the only way they could get rid of them is by bundling them with a good game.

  2. Sega ported sonic adventure 1 and 2 on ps3 and xbox 360 as digital downloads. As a nintendo switch owner, I’m thirsty for gamecube sonic ports such as sonic adventure, heroes and riders. Sega will let me down again. Big the cat and 4 chao are wasted playable character slots on sonic team racing. I wanted cream the rabbit instead of 4 worthless chao. Storm the albatross, metal knuckles, E-10000G, tikal the echidna, chaos, chaos gamma (sonic battle), aiai the monkey, billy hatcher, or alex kidd would have been better than big the cat.

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