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Video: Nintendo NY Luigi’s Mansion Spooktacular Launch Event Footage

You may recall that Nintendo NY was planning to have a Luigi’s Mansion Spooktacular launch event at the store today. Well, the event planned for the launch of the 3DS remake of the original Luigi’s Mansion was a success, and some footage has been recently uploaded to YouTube. If you want to see the footage for yourself, we’ve included it down below.


3 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo NY Luigi’s Mansion Spooktacular Launch Event Footage”

  1. It’s a 3DS game ???? And opening and full hype for 3DS game ?

    Are they serious, release it in IOS for free with orbs and get some real money, Nintendo !

  2. No more GCN games getting re-releases on 3DS. It’s time to give those guys HD remasters now. Especially Eternal Darkness and the Baten Kaitos games. More so Eternal Darkness since it was so clearly meant to be an N64 game so it hasn’t aged well.

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