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Pokemon Company To Talk About Next Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch In 2019

Eurogamer recently managed to secure some time with Junichi Masuda, who is the executive director and head of game development over at Game Freak, as well as designer Kensaku Nabana. The interview is wide-ranging and covers a number of topics about the upcoming Pokemon: Let’s Go! games which are due to be released next month. A lot of you are interested to see what the next core Pokemon game will be like and are wondering when we will actually see some footage. Mr. Masuda says it was be revealed sometime next year.

Finally, I know you can’t talk about any specifics just yet, so what I want to know is when you can start talking about that 2019 RPG…

Junichi Masuda: [Laughs] Sometime… next year.


22 thoughts on “Pokemon Company To Talk About Next Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch In 2019”

  1. Am I the only one disappointed with nintendo this year? While I know they can’t appeal to everyone, and that they don’t owe us anything, I still just didn’t like the games they’ve released this year in general, and I wish we’d of gotten some additional news on things like fire emblem and metroid since e3.

    It wouldn’t have to be a lot at all, even more teasers would be cool to see for me and others. It’s more to do with updating us on various games rather than trying to “wow” us, or releasing 10 botw’s in one day or anything.

    I’m hoping 2019 will be amazing and I’m especially looking forward to fire emblem three houses!!

    1. Unfortunately delays messed this years release schedule up for them. Yoshi and Fire Emblem slipping into 2019 hurt. But if next year we see those two, plus Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, and the mainline Pokemon, we really only need one more major title to hit a big release every other month. If they can fill the off months with ports and any surprises they might have, year 3 should look a lot like year 1, especially if they can get Metroid out and on par with BotW/Odyssey. I still wouldn’t expect Metroid unless the 2019 hardware revision rumors end up true… it’d make sense to release Metroid alongside a hardware upgrade.

    2. Well, next year does look a heck of a lot better with 2019 having slated games of Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and I would assume Yoshi’s Crafted World too. Rather one of them gets postponed that’s a different story, but next year is currently looking amazing.

  2. Junichi has deluded himself into believing I will like lgpe more than pokemon moon. I want one of the 2019 games will draw me in like red, silver, ruby, diamond, black, y, and moon did. #notbuyinglgpe.

  3. I haven’t bought a Pokemon game since Soul Silver. I’m not even sure if I want to get a main line Pokemon game. Although Let’s Go does intrigue me.

  4. Articles can have other commentors having their own squabbles, but if you call out the writer for clearly doing something I guess that’s going too far. I expected better from this place.

      1. Thanks for clearing up the whole situation! :) The mod might need some extra instruction though, I couldn’t help but notice he’s still deleting another person’s comments even after my situation got settled.

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