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Team Treat Has Won The Worldwide Halloween Splatfest

The results are in. The worldwide Halloween Splatfest has come to an end in Splatoon 2, and a winner was just announced moments ago. With a score of 2-1, Team Treat has won the Splatfest. Team Trick had more popularity, but Normal and Pro categories went to Team Treat. Nintendo confirmed the news on Twitter, so their official tweet can be seen down below.


  1. I wanted to be team treat, but I went with trick only because I felt orange was more a Halloween color lol. Shoulda gone with my gut. That said, the teams I was on kept losing.. so I knew this wouldn’t end well. 😋

  2. obvious that we would win, we blasted our opposition into defeat with our superior strength and tactics.

  3. i didnt care which one. was leaning toward Trick cuz im a nasty mofo but my friend made me pick Treat so we coukd splat on same team. good call!

  4. The less popular team almost always wins.
    It was a really fun splatfest though. I wish they’d do more holiday themed splatfests like this one, with all the decorations and such.

  5. Something tells me I caused this.
    I was Team Trick and I’ve played dozens of matches until I reached Trick King status.
    I lost probably 75% of them. ¬_¬

      1. 1.) I don’t use YouTube

        2.) Why do you stalk my comments? It’s not like I’m an online celebrity or anything.

        3.) Maybe it’s because not everyone uses the same websites as everyone else. Maybe it’s because I’m not obligated to construct an entirely new thought every time I want to comment on the exact same subject matter.

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