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New Manga, Tile, And Kaleidoscope Filters Added To Snapshot Mode In Super Mario Odyssey

If you have missed it you’ll be pleased to know that new filters have been added to Super Mario Odyssey. These filters include Manga, Tile, And Kaleidoscope and Nintendo UK has handily provided screenshots of each filter in action. These filters are available now in the excellent Super Mario Odyssey, so have fun!




  1. Just a heads up, but SSF1991 already reported this last week, when the filters came out. It was the same article as Mario’s Zombie costume. It is nice to have pictures though, as I think the only pictures in the other article were of the costume, not the filters.

      1. This is out of the blue, but could you do an article on the anouncement of No Man’s Sky on Switch? It’s a pretty big deal!

  2. Cool, cool but this is the only game that I want DLC for and they don’t have DLC … 🤦‍♂️

    1. I’m sure that there will be a DLC kingdom or something soon. I’ve played the crap out of this game and now there’s nothing left to do, so I have my fingers crossed for DLC.

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