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Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, And Resident Evil 4 Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Capcom has announced a trio of Resident Evil games are coming to the Nintendo Switch. The surprise announcement was shared by the company on Twitter. The games we are getting on the system are Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4. These games will come to the Nintendo Switch during 2019. The company promises to share more information soon.

Thanks to Dustafee for the news tip!


  1. Welp, I guess I’ll play RE 4 for the seventh time just for the portability itself!

  2. Awesome! I only really needed 4 but the others are cool too. One of the best games ever made imho

    1. Digital sales sell as great as the physical version. What happens if the physical version requires more data? The only solution, whether you accept it or not, is to buy yourself a MicroSD XC Memory Card. It’s what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on your asshurt comment, you switch to using common sense. It’s what you do.

      1. ” If you want to save 15% or more on your asshurt comment, you switch to using common sense. It’s what you do.”

        The “common sense” choice here apparently being throwing your money down the drain, as what you buy is reduced to a literal value of zero the instant you “buy” (rent) it. Have fun spending thousands over the years to be left with nothing, you smart person you.

  3. Re4 iv cubed it iv wiied it and iv pc ed it

    Looks like il be switching it also

    Gyro mouse or no buy

  4. 4 is great gameplay but poor story. No serious re2 underground labs :(..
    0 is mediocre, stupid story. Ruining original re 1 and 2 story line.
    I need 1 2 3 trilogy in original PAL version or re2 remake in lowres. I dont need špeciál graphic, i need re4 gameplay quality..

  5. Maybe I need to finally get around to playing 4…probably won’t though, I’ve somehow passed on it for this long!

    1. Do you know if that’s the version we’re definitely getting? I don’t see it stated explicitly anywhere but that would make the most sense, right?

  6. I’m most grateful for the resident evil 4 port to nintendo switch. Sega better come through with the sonic adventure duology.

    1. I agree about Wii Version it was the best. It stood out from the rest.. let’s hope Capcom is making it like that on the Switch as they test.

  7. Yall think the RE4 going to play like Wii version did. To aim and shoot with them controllers or you think they going to be lazy and make it a gamecube port?

  8. So it looks like 2019 for Switch is going to have a lot of games. I also want Yoshi game. And Trine 3 to play and future Trine 4. I need to play it before I play trine 4. I love Trine 2. I love Pikmin 2. I love Resident Evil. I love Smash bros. I LOVE THE SWITCH. Its perfect for this rhyming Witch.

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