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The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 6.1.0

Nintendo has just released a brand new update for the Nintendo Switch‘s firmware, bringing it to version 6.1.0. However, this is a very small update. The only thing that Nintendo added was “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”, and only a single bug fixed was listed. The official patch notes can be seen down below.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

  • Resolved an issue where certain games don’t recognize a Nintendo Switch Online membership for a short time after purchase


15 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 6.1.0”

    1. Before this patch my life was falling apart. My switch games could not recognize my online membership and I could not survive without the minor bug fixes that this patch brought along. So to summarize 1) Yes you are right 2) I have no life and spend my days commenting to random posts related to the switch

  1. But where are the themes and other cutomization options?

    Online stability update for splatoon and MK?

    Where are the cloud saves for splatoon?

    Where are the local saves backup?

    Where are the SNES, n64, Gamecube games for the online subscription?

    Where are all the features that your costumers have been begging for since launch Nintendo?

  2. Nintendo has finally done it! Though each patch steadily improved stability, it still wasn’t enough to completely stop my console falling over. Day after day, week after week, I yearned for an upright Switch. I was just about to give up hope, I considered accepting the fact that my Switch is destined to lay sideways, but then update 6.1 released and finally brought salvation! As my Switch stands upright, I am finally released from my prison of insanity that my Switch falling over drove me into. I feel like a new person. Now I can taste the air, see the sky, hear the birds, smell the flowers. I’ve been given a new appreciation of life. Thank you update 6.1.

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