Rumor: Castlevania Netflix Producer Adi Shankar Is In Talks With Nintendo To Make A Legend Of Zelda Series

Are you a Zelda fan? If so, then this news may really interest you. Adi Shankar, producer of Netflix‘s Castlevania, is teasing an upcoming project that he will be announcing on November 16th. All we know is that he’s “working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic video game series into a series”. That said, this is not why this post is labeled as a rumor.

You see, TheWrap has received information from anonymous sources that say that the “Japanese gaming company” is Nintendo, and the “iconic video game series” is Zelda. That part is not official. In fact, TheWrap reached out to Nintendo, and all they said was that “we have nothing to announce on this topic”. If this rumored Zelda series is true, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, a tweet relaying the news is down below.


  1. Well, given what a spectacular job they did handling Castlevania, I can think of no one better to handle Zelda.

    1. This. Castlevania was not just a fantastic series, it had a lot of Kino moments, yes, moments that one could consider spectacular in terms of cinematography, episode 7 has one of the best fights I ever seeing in Animation ever since One Punch Man fight with Lord Boros.

    2. Really? I thought castlevania was awful, I didn’t like the characters and the story and dialogue was terrible… If he makes a Zelda, Mario or Metroid he better not screw it up!

  2. This could end up being really good or really awful.
    Also, they have to make Link talk right? I mean, maybe they can pull off a silent protagonist through all the series, but that would be really hard.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think it’s THAT hard to make a talking Link likable.

      Just don’t make him overly goofy like the old animated series. You can make him serious and determined but also charming and likable without him being like a doofus.

    2. I think it might be possible to get through the series without Link uttering a word. In instances where he would have to, another party could put the words in his mouth.

      “Did you find the Kokiri Emerald? You did! That look in your eyes says it all!”

      Just a possible work around, though obviously they shouldn’t rely on this method every single time.

  3. Honestly… I’d rather he be given rights to do Metroid instead. A prequel to the games showing Samus’ earlier life would be great. Let him use the Metroid manga as a guideline for what to do and let the anime be canon to the games. I don’t think a video game should be made for those years of her life so an anime prequel could be awesome. Sakamoto would obviously be involved with the story, but that wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as there is someone with as much pull as him to make sure he doesn’t do anything foolish.

    1. Maaaaaan I’d love that… Metroid deserves more love and recognition… A Netflix series would totally boost popularity for the games in general.

  4. That said, I wouldn’t mind him doing a Legend of Zelda anime. If he takes on the anime with the intent of doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of that old Zelda cartoon and not be campy or use goofy comedy, he might actually be a great choice to do Zelda.

  5. If they make it as faithful to the originals as they did the Castlevania series, it they’ll have the audience cheering for poor Ganondorf, victim of that evil Deku tree.

      1. People have a right to their opinion. While I believe the cartoon to be vile campy drivel, you are more than welcome to think it’s the best thing ever. Hell! You could worship the CD-i abominations, too, if you want. But to insult the people that don’t like it… *shrug* Meh, whatever. You have a right to do that as well.

          1. The sad truth is the cartoon & the CD-i games are both exactly the same. Both are campy with facepalming one liners. Cartoon show Link’s “Well excuuuuuuuse me, Princess!” is on the same level as CD-i Ganon’s “You dare bring light to my lair! You must die!” I hate both the cartoon and those games equally and both need to be wiped from history.

  6. THAT I would watch, but Nintendo would probably reject it like they did Disney.

    But should such a thing happen, at least base it off the manga adaptations.

  7. I’d only be okay with this if Link doesn’t talk. Great stories do exist with a silent protagonist (looking at you Chrono Trigger) but they need a very strong supporting cast, which is something the Zelda series has.

  8. 1) Link should not talk.
    2) Nintendo may need to wrangle him in a bit, but don’t hamper this guy’s creativity.

  9. Also long it’s not dark an Link doesn’t talk they can make it work with a return of Navi and I hope it would be a adult version of link between world link or use BOTW Link I want them to not have the same art style as the Castlevania series (It would more likely take BOTW look). an not blood.

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