Nintendo Is Suspending All Video Streaming Services On Wii After January 31st, 2019

Believe it or not, streaming services on the Wii have been going strong, even though the Wii came out 12 years ago. Well, that is about to change. According to an email from Netflix, Nintendo will be suspending all video streaming services on the Wii, including Netflix‘s channel, after January 31st, 2019. Netflix says that “we hope you’ll soon enjoy an even better Netflix experience with additional features on a supported device”. The Reddit post relaying the news can be seen down below.


      1. Happy that it’s my Birthday? ‘Yes’. Happy that the streaming services on the Wii are ending? ‘No’.
        But do I think it’s actually understandable that they’re ending it? ‘ABSOLUTELY!’

        Wii was a generation and a half ago (the half being the Wii U), and we’re now getting more focused on the Switch. So it makes sense that the services are being discontinued for the Wii.

  1. not a hint at switch app. switch app not happening. ever. most tv’s have a netflix app at this point, let alone our phones and everything else. nintendo doesnt want to pay the licensing fees for something they see as redundant. they have told us this time and again.

    1. You say that while ignoring the fact the Switch has had Hulu since last year and just recently got YouTube, both apps that are on multiple devices. Switch is going to get a Netflix app soon enough. Nintendo would be stupid not to have it. After all, only smart TVs have Netflix and not everyone can afford those TVs. I don’t get this mentality that some people feel apps don’t have to be on every device when, in reality, they do. Not everyone wants to buy a smarTV, a smartphone, a computer, and a Switch. In fact, not everyone can afford to buy all of these devices. Honestly this “oh you don’t need these apps on Switch as other devices have them!” is as stupid as telling someone “oh you don’t need all of these indie & 3rd party games on Switch as you can just get these games on PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC!” Step out of your own little bubble & realize not everyone is as fortunate as you.

      1. I didn’t even know that people don’t want such apps on Switch was a thing. Man, why does it matter? I get it if apps start flooding the eShop, but a few videostreaming app won’t hurt. Why does it matter for some people that others want å more complete device?

        1. Well there apparently are people out there that think these apps don’t need to be on Switch. There are some that think the PS4 shouldn’t be able to play CDs, too. “The PS4 doesn’t need to play CDs! Besides, the best way to listen to CDs is through a radio, not some game system on a TV screen! The sound is loads better!”

  2. like, you can afford a switch but you don’t already have another device with a netflix app? i don’t get the mentality of people being so triggered about nintendo not putting it on the switch. furthur, they have it on the wiiU still, so if you don’t own a wiiU you can’t complain.

    1. What if you have your Switch at Starbucks, and want to watch American Dad on it using their WiFi?
      Not saying it’s that big a deal, but it would be convenient.

  3. It won’t be long before they start gunning for the Wii U :(

    As a system, streaming is one of the VERY few things that can be done, as opposed to the Switch.

    Good thing we still have HTM5 on the Wii U browser, with access to KimCartoon.

    Soon, the only thing that’ll be left to do on the Wii is retro-hack the hell out of it.

    1. Of course. They want people to buy their Switch and they know some people are still straggling because they have their Wii and Wii U for these apps so they don’t see a need for the Switch.

      1. Um, actual games?

        Unless the Switch comes with a touchable gamepad controller used to browse through the internet and search for shows/videos, AND navigate other parts of the internet while that’s playing, I’m not getting rid of my Wii U anytime soon.

        I’m dead serious. I use my Wii U for streaming and browsing. Every. Single. Day.

        It’s how I watch videos on my own bedroom television set (which pretty much replaces anything that’s on actual television these days).

      2. To quote two people from another site:

        “The Wii U had the best browser of any console. Used it plenty of times to jump out and check something while playing, or to watch something as a second screen while doing something else.”

        “Agreed – it’s more user friendly than the browser on my smart tv because of the touchpad, so I use it when glued to the couch. I also use my 3ds browser when playing Pokemon: pop out, use browser, pop back in. It isn’t the nicest, but it works and is so much quicker than picking up another device.”

  4. i know this sounds ridiculous,but i actually still used the Netflix app on a wii thats connected to a big screen tv with no hdmi, so yeah this sucks for some people in mexico

  5. “Oh why do people get upset when their gaming system doesn’t have this or that!? Don’t they have a smartphone, computer, and/or smarTV!?” Ugh. Some people have it a little too good.

  6. I’ve never cared about Netflix anyway. Especially on a video game console. I don’t even watch movies (or TV). All I watch is YouTube, and I don’t watch that on a YouTube app. Every time I hear someone talking about Netflix, I roll my eyes. Because it’s one of those things that I don’t understand the need or want for. How can anyone want to watch movies all the time?

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