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Reggie Fils-Aime “Certainly Hopes” That Nintendo Will Still Be Selling The 3DS In 4 Years

Kotaku recently conducted an interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. There, multiple topics were discussed. One of the topics was about the remaining years of the 3DS’ life. According to Kotaku, “sales data shows that software sales for 3DS were down all around the world this year, but that hardware sales were up in America, down in Europe and in Japan, where the system first got hot”.

At one point, Kotaku asks Reggie if Nintendo “will still be selling them in 4 years”. Although Reggie pauses mid-sentence, which Kotaku speculates as him “perhaps catching himself from sliding from personal appeal to accidentally promising several more years of support”, Reggie says that “yes, we…certainly hope so”.


41 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime “Certainly Hopes” That Nintendo Will Still Be Selling The 3DS In 4 Years”

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  3. Well, “Selling” and “Supporting” are different things… A company can still produce the consoles for sale but discontinue development/support for (1st party) games. I’m sure X-Box360 and the PS3 did this for a bit after the X-BoxOne and PS4 were out.
    Support for the 3DS is falling greatly though… there’s only a couple of releases trickled throughout the years now. Not only that, but it seems 3rd party support is dropping too. The 3DS already has an epic library, so I would not mind Nintendo “selling” the 3DS for however long, but I (and surly many others) would rather have the “support” part of the spectrum dedicated to the Switch. :)

  4. Well you’re going to have to release some big games if you want that to happen.

    All you’ve released is some small-time games and ports of older games. Atlus is the only one bringing any sort of big games still to 3DS (like Persona Q2). I’d be down for another Fire Emblem on 3DS honestly.

  5. Reggie is like a stranger lately. I’ve hardly seen him at all since Iwata passed away. In fact, Nintendo in general has felt SO boring since Iwata passed away. I don’t even tough my Switch anymore, and haven’t played my 3DS or 2DS in years (even though I still sometimes buy games for it). Life is weird.

  6. Well obviously you’re gonna hope your product is still selling however many years in the future.

    I doubt his answer would have been different if the interviewer had asked any number of amount of years.

  7. I just donโ€™t get it.
    The 3ds is probably owned by more people than any other games machine, so without worrying about selling more units how about some kick ass games like 2d Metroid or a brand new MARIO like Mario world, top down Zelda etc, etc.
    Those would sell in the millions with the amount of 3ds owners.
    And itโ€™s a bonus if you sell more units.
    Surely thereโ€™s big enough profits just by selling these types of games alone.

      1. True. But they need to stop saying there gona support it, if they ainโ€™t gona support it properly.
        Supporting it is more decent games.

  8. He didnโ€™t say WHERE it would sell. IIRC the GBA was kept around in certain smaller countries after it was discontinued in North America, Europe, Japan, etc. which is how it lasted until 2010.

  9. “but that hardware sales were up in America” oh, come on! NPD doesn’t support that claim, their own quarterly reports don’t even support that claim! They’re ALL reporting that the 3DS is DOWN in America! Where is this “up” coming from? From January when they actually were? News flash, Reggie (and insistent fanboys), the 3DS has dropped like a rock in sales, just go to your local Target or Walmart and look at the games section, see how little of it is 3DS now? If they were actually up, you wouldn’t be seeing stores like these giving it less and less shelf space! Geez!

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