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Reggie Fils-Aime Talks About Nintendo’s Constant Need For Reinvention

Nintendo always like to do things differently from the other console manufacturers and it has led to some of the company’s most successful platforms such as the original Wii system and the current Nintendo Switch platform. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently appeared at the GeekSummit and shared the company’s philosophy when it comes to standing out from the crowd and doing things differently.

“A few days ago, Nintendo celebrated its 129th birthday. 129 years old. So this is a company that has reinvented itself constantly. Many of your speakers are talking about invention of new companies. We reinvent ourselves every 5, 10 years. We have to in this fast-moving entertainment business.

The other piece about Nintendo is we always do things differently. It’s in our DNA. Doing what other people does is just not what we believe in. The other aspect to this is that we focus on giving consumers experiences that they haven’t even thought of. And so when you’re constantly going down this path, you create doubters. You create people who, because we’re not taking a traditional path, people say, ‘It must not be right. It won’t be effective.’ So whether it’s been with the Wii back in 2006, whether it’s been with our Nintendo 3DS, whether it’s now with the Nintendo Switch, our focus is innovating, giving new experiences, and in doing so, driving our business forward.

Lastly, this innovation focus doesn’t always work and we’re the first to admit that there will always be stumbles along the way. But in the words of one of our presidents – this is Mr. Yamauchi – he said, ‘When you’re doing well, don’t be excited about that high-flying performance. And when you’re doing poorly, don’t be saddened. Always have an even keel, and always focus on the next big adventure.’ And that’s what we do.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

49 thoughts on “Reggie Fils-Aime Talks About Nintendo’s Constant Need For Reinvention”

      1. Nice try, pretendo reject. Never confuse Nintendo with Dobis PR. This is a speech from the president himself… and the words of wisdom from the late president of Nintendo Japan Hiroshi Yamauchi.

  1. I wish they innovate there actual games, same shit over and over again only Breath of the wild and Metroid Prime wich is ages ago are fresh. Most first party titles from the 90’s are killed of , no new first party titles on the level of the 90’s eather. Nintendo has gone down the drain after Rare left them. Mediocre console library’s purely riding on first party titles that are mostly the same over and over again. Nintendo you broke my hearth and love for you over the past 15 years

    1. Which of Nintendos game are “the same shit over and over again”?
      At least give us a few examples.
      Imo they are almost every time innovative with their first party games.

      1. +Mr Sir
        He won’t be able to name them because they straight up don’t exist. Splatoon was a fresh take on the Shooter Genre, Super Mario Odyssey introduced plenty of new additions like enemy control and costume customization, ARMS was a fighting game with a twist, and so on.
        Even if he did, he’d probably bring up games like Pokemon and Smash Bros which would be ridiculous because those games don’t need to change their Gameplay because the base formula is perfectly fine. And even then; each new Pokemon and Smash Bros game has always taken what we already have and simply built upon them which is a far cry from “doing the same stuff over and over again”. Hell, the only recent thing I can think of that was abit of a recycle was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon but not only is that made by Gamefreak but is still a small issue compared to what else Nintendo has made.

    2. You’ve actually highlighted the two Nintendo games that are arguably the MOST SIMILAR to modern game design. I’ve got no problem finding shooters and open worlds on other systems. No other single publisher has the sheer genre variety that Nintendo has.

      Post 90’s new IP or new spin offs that are innovative within their genre or a completely new genre:

      Animal Crossing
      Luigi’s Mansion
      Arguably all motion based software in the Wii era (Wii Sports, Party, etc)
      Wii Fit
      Mario Maker
      Captain Toad
      Wii U asynchronous multiplayer in Nintendo Land
      Nintendo Labo
      1-2 Switch (an attempt to innovate with screenless video gaming)

      And then if we want to talk continuing series from the 90s that are unlike anything contemporary publishers are going to push out:

      Basically every platformer, since big budget studios don’t touch them anymore; the Marios, DK, Kirby, Yoshi games
      Mario Kart, also not a lot of big budget kart racers out there other than Sonic.
      Fire Emblem, excluding the boom of new xcom style overwatch turn based strategy titles
      Pokemon, other than a few Japanese RPG series, and none really do what Pokemon continues to do
      Paper Mario

      Other strong new IPs after the 90s, but perhaps less innovative:

      Pokken Tournament

      There’s plenty more I’m sure I forgot or haven’t played.

    1. Nintendo Rebel ( anti - first order )

      Found it kinda dull. Don’t be happy when successful and don’t be sad when failing, so be dull and emotionless.
      This quote never helped anyone like ever.

    1. DNA is the foundation of who you are. It is who you are before all other factors. It’s your building blocks. So if I say that a certain core value is in the DNA of my company, I’m referring to that sort of imagery.

    1. Nintendo Rebel ( anti - first order )

      When your happiness is dependent upon what is happening outside of you, constantly you live as a slave to the external situation.

    1. True, but Sony didnt join the game until the late 90’s, so their gen 4 is actually Nintendo’s gen 8 home console, virtual boy wasnt considered a home console. And they are doing great, Sony that is, in their own way, but they are offering the same way to play, minus local multiplayer, that they have offered since ps1.

      1. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that Nintendo helped create the PlayStation. (It was called the SNES CD, or Nintendo PlayStation)

        1. Yes, they did. They also gave Sony the finger on that one due to Sony’s greed and Sony used that prototype to join the market, almost entirely out of spite for nintendo.

      1. Okay, N-Dub…… I get Nintendo Rebel is being a troll, but why bring Trump into it? Don’t listen to the mainstream media. Trump is actually doing a really good job….

  2. Before Nintendo tried to be innovative midway through the 2000s with the Wii, it was Sega doing it in the mid to late 90s. Just imagine if Sega had better management (or at least listened to Tom Kalinske.) Sega never would have rushed out the Saturn. The Genesis would have continued to sell as it would have remained the only competition for the SNES and possibly have defeated the SNES in sales. When the Saturn was released and not rushed out, they could have given the N64 and PS1 some actual competition and maybe even sold better than PS1, putting the N64 into 3rd place that gen. The Dreamcast would have also done a hell of a lot better, too, and probably wouldn’t have ended up being Sega’s last home console. Xbox probably wouldn’t even exist, either, as Microsoft and Sega would have continued to work together on new consoles: Microsoft could have paid for the power side of the system while Sega paid for the inventive side. Who knows. Maybe they would have made a system that would have rivaled (if not surpassed) the Wii. Sega and Microsoft being at the top might have even forced Sony and Nintendo to try again at working together on a system but come to a more mutual and beneficial understanding for both. Sony could have focused on the power side of things while Nintendo focused on the innovative side. Instead of the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, we could be looking at the Nintendo/Sony PlaySwitch and Sega/Microsoft Xportable right now. If alternate realities were/are really a thing, this could actually be what’s happening as I type this. *shrug* Sadly, in our reality, Sega was ran by a bunch of dumbfucks that should have listened to Tom Kalinske.

    1. Nintendo Rebel ( anti - first order )

      Other don’t want too be like Nintendo, because of Wii U, cool adventure that Wii U was.

  3. I like how he conveniently left off the Wii U in his list of consoles :D. But seriously, Nintendo does innovate, that much can’t be denied. Whether they always give us what we want is a different question, but we must be at least somewhat happy with what they’re doing if we’re all still sticking around, right?

    I mean, besides the PC and Xbox gamers who just hang out on this site to troll it

    1. Nintendo Rebel ( anti - first order )

      Yes, Reggie is a sales person not an inventor nor a dev. He only is a face of Nintendo USA and make business plans made by Japan.

      Reggie is a Puppet for Japan, like a drone, yes sir.
      Let’s totally leave Wii U out our adventure and only talk about success stories and tell people how amazing we are buying out you-tubers and websites and blocking any criticism

      1. I don’t think the Switch would have been a success without what they tried to do and learned from the Wii U. Why not include it?

      2. Your hatred on Reggie isn’t going to save the day. Furthermore, you’re just a troll looking for some meat to beat. You don’t belong here, Pretendo Reject.

      3. You do know that as a Chief Operating Officer (COO), the man has way more responsibilities than doing interviews right? Sure he does some PR, and that’s really because he developed a sort of viral cult around him, but there’s a whole lot of things that NoA has to oversee beyond just telling you to buy their games.

  4. Now if they could make games immediately instead of not doing no work 10 years after releasing a new software tittle 7 years ago. Cant make a new game immediately but can give us some old Wii U tittles Immediately. Tropical Freeze came out like 2014. Yet they can make it available for Switch Immediately but they couldn’t make an all new Donkey Kong country tittle immediately.

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