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Kickstarter: Yooka-Laylee Comic Spin-Off Could Come If Funded

Yooka-Laylee had a huge amount of hype when it was announced but didn’t quite live up to people’s expectations upon launch. However, the duo could be getting their own comic spin-off which is approved by developer Playtonic and both written and illustrated by Dreamprism’s D.M. Cumbo. The end result will be a 120-page graphic novel which is set after the events in the video game. The Kickstarter campaign for Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone needs $40,000 USD to make it a reality and it kicks off tomorrow.

“Set after the game, the new story sees the chameleon and bat duo entering a new tome world in a race against Dr. Quack to grab an artifact rumoured to grant invincibility.”

“I’ve had a blast writing and a drawing a new story for Yooka and Laylee. The book blends the game’s spirit of playful exploration and character-driven storytelling. The Playtonic Games crew worked on a lot of the games I loved as a kid, so it’s pretty surreal to now have the chance to work with their characters.”

– D.M. Cumbo




12 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Yooka-Laylee Comic Spin-Off Could Come If Funded”

  1. And they need OUR money first to take the risk, you already got OUR money twice, now with the profits you can take some risks like EVERYONE in the world does.

    FUND ME is becoming a joke/scam

  2. As interesting as this sounds, I’m more interested in Yooka-Laylee 2, or at least a second Playtonic game to actually justify a Wikipedia page for the company.

  3. Hey folks! I’m Dave, the creator of this comic. I just wanted to address the concerns expressed about Kickstarter being used for this project. I’m an independent publisher and am hosting this campaign alone. This is not a Playtonic-run campaign. When I initially pitched the project to Playtonic, they were operating based on funds from the game Kickstarter and could not, for ethical reasons, use the money to fund this sort of ancillary project. I believe in it and spent two years working on the book so far and need about six more months to finish. Kickstarter is a sensible choice to raise funds to pay for this remaining production and book printing costs, not least of which is due to the high production values both in the art and physical book design. This is a project for the fans! I hope you’ll give it a chance but I totally understand the concerns! Okay, enough blathering on… I’ve got chameleons and bats to draw ;)

    1. Look, even if Playtonic has nothing to do with it
      A) people have believed in Yooka Laylee and were let down
      B) A comic about it sounds cool and all but… Why not ask them now for help since they got profit from selling all the editions of the game, even the backer only n64 cartridge one was sold
      C) I admire your effort but either people like Yooka laylee somewhat or hate it due to the quality of the final product.
      People are just upset over Yooka Laylee itself, like I said I like you try to do something with the ip but… It’s not the best ip

      1. Totally understand your concerns and thanks for taking the time to express them. As you might guess, I fall into the category of people who loved Yooka-Laylee and found it to be a massive treat! It scratched an itch for the type of game I’d been waiting to play again for the longest time. I’ve heard about people being let down by the game but I believe there is a significant amount of fan support.

        It’s also hard to explain but I had already put a lot of work into the book when the game was released. It’s not easy (or ethical) to simply give up on a project like this, even if the game hasn’t received the best reviews. I have good friends at Playtonic–I believe in them and they in me. I’m not looking to sell millions of copies… I’m just trying to make the best book I can. Hope that makes sense!

  4. I’m trying to make my own game, and stuff like this just gives me less options in terms of stuff like kickstarter. Who the heck even uses crowdfunding anymore thanks to all these bad games! Thanks Yooka Laylee and Mighty no 9 -_-

    1. I suppose you’ve forgotten about projects that turned out great like Shovel Knight, FTL: Faster Than Light, and Divinity: Original Sin. (Honorable mention: Sausage Sports Club, which I backed.)

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