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GameXplain: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Hands-On Preview

YouTube channel GameXplain has managed to get some hands on time with the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In fact, they got four hours worth of time with the game at a recent Nintendo of America preview event. So far they have published a number of videos, but this one is roundup with facts and impressions of what they managed to play. Take a watch below.

We played a ton of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at a recent preview event and we talk all the new details we learned, such as the World of Light Adventure Mode, Spirits Board, Classic Mode, our thoughts on the newcomers feel, like Incineroar, Ken, Daisy, Simon, and King. K Rool, new options like Stage Morphing and the FInal Smash meter. how the game feels compared to Smash Bros. Wii U, and tons more! All this and more in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate preview discussion!

8 thoughts on “GameXplain: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Hands-On Preview”

    1. Goku, aka Son Goku, is the Japanese name for Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, of the Chinese story Journey to the West. Both that monkey named Goku and Goku of Dragon Ball are based on Sun Wukong.

  1. There are currently two unique things on my bucket list:
    1. Play 8 player smash vs. seven Ice Climbers
    2. Have a Stage Morph with Gaur Plains and Great Plateau Tower. And one with both Pokemon Stadiums.

    And of course, I’ll be enjoying everything else in the game too.

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