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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: It Apparently Won’t Take Long To Unlock 74 Fighters

News has emerged today via Twitter which states that it won’t take Super Smash Bros fans too much time to unlock all the 74 fighters in the latest entry, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It should take most gamers a couple of hours to get their favourite fighter. 


  1. No no no no no…
    They’re doing it all wrong.
    Unlocking one character should be 10 hour grind, fan favorites should be additional DLC and as a player choice you get boosters $5 a pop.
    Get with the times Nintendo.

  2. Oh god. I knew this was coming but honestly, I had huge hope for the contrary :(. One of the things I like the most in games are unlocking characters like in melee. But this kind of unlocking mechanic doesn’t seem to exist anymore…

    1. well their are many ways to unlock. Remember u culd unlock every fighter by just playing Subspace emissary in Brawl. So I assume thts where the “few hours” is coming from.

  3. Smash Ultimate is going to have multiple ways to unlock characters like the previous titles. So there is going to be differing paces that you unlock them all depending on how you choose to do it. If you are upset that it may only be a few hour grind then you can choose other options that may be more time consuming and fulfilling.

    1. That’s what I did with Smash 3DS. I could have probably unlocked every character on day 1 but I chose to lose against the challenger on purpose so the game would last longer.

  4. For those of you complaining that you unlock characters too quickly:

    Take your sweet damn time! If that’s how you feel, then don’t rush through the game.

    And don’t forget, we still have the Pirahna Plant, and 5 more fighters coming throughout 2019-2020.

    Also, other games on the Switch.

  5. Man, I HATE IT when things are too easy to unlock. Because unlocking is a great part of the fun that I have as a single player gamer. I hope there’s at least SOMETHING that’s more challenging to unlock. Because I’m not buying this just to play multi-player and fight again and again and again. I don’t need every fighter instantly or easily. *sigh* Classic Nintendo.

    1. Just like in Brawl and 4, u can take the quick or long route in unlocking fighters. Just like in Brawl where u culd quickly unlock every fighter if u played Subspace.

  6. So, let’s see here…
    There are 66 characters to unlock.
    A few hours (let us say four) to unlock everyone. That’s 96 minutes.
    96 divide by the 66 characters.

    That’s a character every minute and a half!

    Way too fast Nintendo.

      1. Oops, my mistake. That’s what I get for doing math while half asleep. Still, that’s one character every three and a just over a half minutes.

  7. I think you have to unlock all the characters in the game by starting the mode the world of light. This is just like subspace embassy in brawl when you unlock characters.

  8. Another nail in the coffin of me not picking up the game. Further proof that there’s no good single player experience.

    1. Its only if u play through the World of Light adventure mode. Just like in Brawl with Subspace where u culd quickly unlock every fighter.

      1. Sure, but none of it looks good enough, and they removed a lot of the past modes that were quite fun. Clear incentive and a long-term goal divided up into a bunch of smaller goals is necessary for me to find a game desirable. Brawl had a huge adventure mode where you slowly and steadily unlocked characters and got amazing cutscenes introducing them. Subspace Emissary took way longer than “a couple of hours”, and was also simply a much more original and creative game mode. Even the original and Melee had the clear incentive of having to figure out how to unlock all the characters, and made a huge thing about it. A game that focuses this much on online competitive play, where they don’t even make a clear distinction between competitive and casual play anymore, is far from enough to keep me interested for more than a couple of play sessions. Ultimate is just another Smash 4 for me.

  9. And there it is. The very thing I was most concerned with.
    I just knew they were going to do something like this.
    No, seriously, why are they following Brawl’s example again of all things?
    The characters were pretty much given out like candy in that game, and I found that unenjoyable.

    Jigglypuff: Clear Classic Mode or Adventure Mode with any character, or play 50 VS. Mode matches.
    Dr. Mario: Clear Classic Mode or Adventure Mode mode as Mario without continuing, or play 100 VS. Mode matches.
    Pichu: Unlock and complete Event Match #37, or play 200 VS. Mode matches.
    Falco: Clear 100-Man Melee, or play 300 VS. Mode matches.
    Marth: Use all 14 starter characters in Classic Mode or Adventure Mode, or play 400 VS. Mode matches.
    Young Link: Complete Classic Mode with 10 characters (including Link and Zelda), or play 500 VS. Mode matches.
    Ganondorf: Unlock and complete Event Match #29, or play 600 VS. Mode matches.
    Mewtwo: Play VS. mode for a total of 20, 10, 7 or 5 hours based on number of human players, or 700 matches.
    Luigi: Complete Stage #1 of Adventure Mode with the time ending in a “2” in the second’s slot, or play 800 VS. matches.
    Roy: Clear Classic Mode with Marth without continuing, or play 900 VS. Mode matches.
    Mr Game and Watch: Clear Target Test with all other characters, or play 1000 VS. Mode matches.

    You can’t honestly say that these weren’t unique and challenging methods to unlocking the characters in Melee.

    Unlockables are one of the few aspects and fun factors when it comes to fighting games.
    And the direction they took that in ruined it…again…

    (Btw, don’t take this as me saying I’m not buying or playing the game anymore. That’s a silly assumption to make.)

    1. Except Brawl had the easy, quick way to unlock characters (story mode) & then there was the long, hard way (challenges and whatnot.) So therefore the game wasn’t ruined as you could just ignore story mode til you unlocked every character the long way first. Or you could have played story mode exclusively for your first playthrough then erased the data and started over from scratch once you cleared story mode. Of course, I don’t think you even needed to do that as I want to say there was an option in settings that allowed you to clear all the data pertaining to unlocking characters, resetting the game’s number of characters back to the default number without resetting story mode to default or erasing any of the data you built up playing the game like results and whatnot.

      1. Totally understand your points, and I do agree.
        To be quite honest, I actually forced myself to unlock everyone in Brawl through the alternative methods.
        I refused to touch Subspace Emissary until I had everyone unlocked. (That’s just how I felt back then)
        The alternative methods are actually what made my feelings bounce back and forth between liking and disliking.

        If Ultimate has alternative methods to unlocking characters that take a bit more effort I’ll be totally fine with it.
        But if it’s just simple “progressing through World of Light” like Subspace Emissary and only that, it will exasperate me a bit.
        I really do hope that wont be the case.

  10. Am I the only one here NOT thinking this is too fast to unlock everyone?

    Think about it- if your main was someone not immediately available like Marth or Shulk or Greninja and it took you 24 hours spent playing the game just to unlock them, would you be happy? I personally would not be pleased with having to spend all that time getting someone I play well with.

    Or what if your friend comes over and you don’t have their main available and were nowhere close to getting them?

  11. You boys really thought that Nintendo would make these over the top challenges for 50+ characters? LUL Honestly Ultimate is about celebrating Smash’s history and characters. And they’d want the celebration to start as fast as possible. No way they were going to make it take days to unlock everyone like in Melee/Brawl.

  12. If it’s like Brawl where the story mode is the quick way to get the entire roster, I’m okay with this as that’s what I did with Brawl. It’s even more imperative that I can unlock everyone within a couple of hours these days because I got a huge backlog of games to play and I’d rather not spend months on one single game. For the masochists that don’t mind spending all that time unlocking characters, there are probably alternate, longer ways to unlock them.

  13. People really seem upset about this,to me it’s great because I’ll be playing Smash with friends and family and I didn’t want the process to take forever. I just want all the characters as soon as possible to play some competitive SMASH and have fun with the game

  14. I’m going to be in the verses mode most of the time. So for me it will take a while. I sometimes go into adventure mode.and unlock someone new that way too. They got rid of target mode didn’t they?

  15. I remember how on Braw and Smash Wii U it took a long time for me to unlock every song. I still don’t think I have all the songs on Wii U and since Ultimate is coming soon, I probably will never know.

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