Nintendo Applies For New Wii, The Last Story, And Fossil Fighters Trademarks

Nintendo has recently applied for a number of new trademarks for existing video games and system’s. The trademarks recently discovered by Japanese Nintendo is a new trademark for the Wii, the lengthy Wii RPG The Last Story, along with a new trademark for Fossil Fighters. We shall have to see what becomes of these newly applied for trademarks by Nintendo.



    1. No… Just no. TLS looked horrible, I have no idea how good it I, since I only got a few hours and just couldn’t stand how bad it looked, but graphic wise, it looked like a turd in 240p.

      1. I disagree as the game looked great for a Wii game trapped in SD quality. The problem had more to do with how bland the color scheme for the game was than how it looked overall. The Last Story should have gone full on with the Final Fantasy similarities and gave a colorful and bright color scheme.

      2. For me, The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Pandora’s Tower were all equally great. Each one had a major issue, though. The Last Story had the bland color scheme, Xenoblade Chronicles had the horrible NG+ where you couldn’t reset your levels (carrying your weapons, armor, and items over to a NG+ was perfect, though), and Pandora’s Tower had the game breaking glitch near the end once you got to the last two towers. If and when these games get put on Switch, they need to be semi-remakes to fix these issues. Last Story needs more color, Xenoblade needs a better NG+, and Pandora’s Tower needs to fix that god awful glitch.

        1. Like I said, I never finished The Last Story, so regarding the game’s quality, I have no say, but the esthetic is horrible, the same as with Pandora’s Tower. I get the excuse that they were held back by the weak specs of the Wii, but that doesnt change the fact that they were both horrible looking games.

        1. theyre also on a screen the size thats 240p. See the difference? 3DS games run natively at theyre resolution. The Last Story didnt. Even Sakaguchi complained about the last story’s resolution.

  1. I wish they’d do something with these games beyond just renewing the stupid trademark. If you aren’t gonna actually do anything with them, why bother renewing them? Let them fall back into the public domain so someone else can use the names and do something with them.

  2. Would love to see them do a 3DS port of it. It’s a really good RPG so I wouldn’t mind more people getting to play it.

    Though to be quite honest I’m almost confident all of these recent trademarkings have been for their inclusion in Ultimate.

      1. Sure thing, but HD treatment costs time and money, while the 3DS already has a plethora of near-direct Wii ports, (free money) and some Wii U ones (less free) for good measure.
        Much more plausible – paired with their intent to keep supporting the 3DS a lil bit longer.

  3. “Lenghty” RPG The Last Story?. I’m someone who loves to spend tons of time on a game, making sidequests, grinding and such, but The Last Story didn’t require more than 23 hours to do everything. Story was awesome, great combat system, the online battles were entertaining and unique for a JRPG; but I wouldn’t use ‘lengthy’ to describe it.

    1. If it ever gets an HD remake instead of a remaster, I would hope they improve the online component. It’d be nice if we could actually explore a dungeon before fighting the boss of said dungeon.

  4. The Last Story is one of my favorite jrpgs of all time, beautiful story and music, fantastic characters, great twists, good romance, fun combat and a nice ending.

    An HD remake, and or sequel would be lovely. ♥

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