Nintendo Pokemon Switch

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu And Eevee! Uses Silicon Studio’s Yebis 3

Dr. Serkan Toto has mentioned on Twitter that the recently released new entries in the Pokemon franchise use Silicon Studios Yebis 3 middle ware post processing solution. This has in turn seen stock soar an impressive 17.72% in a single day. Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee are available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and at retail stores near you.



  1. So out of respect of the 41st President’s passing and laying in state today, you guys continue to report Nintendo News, what a shame! November 5th is announced as a National Day of Mourning, so I assume you should at least take a day off from posting.


    1. Perfect example of,

      Virtue Signalling

      To take a conspicuous but essentially useless action ostensibly to support a good cause but actually to show off how much more moral you are than everybody else.

      Example 1
      Fred: I see George has changed his profile picture to show his support for refugees.

      Barbara: Has he donated money or time? Is he giving English lessons? Is he making a room available?
      Fred: No, no, he’s just virtue signalling.

      Example 2
      Zachalejandro: Leaves comment on a Nintendo news website from the UK how rude and a shame it is that they report on Nintendo news today.

      Nintendo fans: Did he turn off his computer today and didn’t visit the website out of respect for some old potato ?

      Me: Nope he went here reading the articles, commenting and made us feel guilty to be here like him.

      Zachalejandro = Virtue Signalling

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      1. Nobody needs to put their life on hold for him passing away. I just know federal employees like me will have a day off along with other government personnel.

        Do as you wish Infinite Ridley. I won’t judge ya.


    2. Um, you do know that we’re in December right? Unless you meant December 5th, then you’re a day early to be saying this.

      And correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the Admins European? If they are, I don’t see why they should mourn an American president.

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  2. No wonder this game was smooth. I would definitely recommend this game as a Christmas gift. If you need more convincing then I would suggest giving this article a read. article


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