Another Sonic Movie Poster Has Appeared

The sneak peek of Sonic The Hedgehog‘s CGI/live-action movie design has gotten a lot of backlash in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, there’s about to be even more. This is because another poster for the movie has been discovered “at a Century Theaters in Walnut Creek, California”. Although Sonic is not seen as much as he was in the sneak peek, his legs further suggest that this is, indeed, the route that will be taken for this movie. The poster was revealed in a tweet, so we’ve provided their tweets for you down below.


  1. I hope NO one watches this shit fucking movie. This is all paramount pictures fault, sega should have made it in the first place. I bet everyone will put negative reviews about it next year. Fuck you paramount pictures.

    1. hmmm… okay you dont like paramount pictures… why or why should hate them?
      i guess youre afraid that the film is gone be bad… i hope not.
      yes sonics design looks weird more human and the fure is not mine…
      but maybe it willmatch for the movie

  2. They should have done something like Detective Pikachu. In that movie, they nailed keeping some of the cartoony flair without making them look too out of place.

  3. While the human-like furry legs and crappy shoes are bad enough… why is his right leg so far off to the side… continuing off the pic away from where his body should be….

      1. No, this seems to be Paramount only. For some reason, SEGA hasn’t commented about anything regarding the film. Even their Sonic twitter has yet to post anything outside of a teaser clip saying that IGN has more news regarding the film.

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