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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Be Updated To Version 1.2.0 Within The Next Week

Nintendo has announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be updated to version 1.2.0 within the next week. When it goes live, you will not be able to watch replays that were created in the current version. There will also be a Spirits Event this weekend, where you will see Spirits with glasses appear in the game more often. Beating these Spirits during the event will reward you with bonus gold that you can use to spend on more things in the game.



  1. Spirits event… hopefully, DLC characters also come with Spirits so we can have “beat Inkling as a Futaba spirit.Enemy will sometimes get attack/defense buffs.”

  2. I’m praying that they fix the terrible online. I tried it for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how bad it was, lag all over the place and not being able to play 1vs1 when u want to, wt were they thinking. Won’t be touching online until they fix it, I haven’t seen an online component that bad in years and I’m just thankful there’s plenty of single player content.

    1. Seriously!? I’m gonna have to use my 1 free week to see this for myself. (I’ll wait for the new update first, though, so I can play the before and after and see if this update might have fixed any of the issues.)

      1. Yea it’s bad. Lag will vary depending on your speed but I have really fast internet albeit WiFi but I never experience lag for any game. Jumped in a couple matches with terrible lag. The worst part for me though is not being able to play 1vs1 that’s my main reason for online. You have to hope your matched in a 1vs1 match as you can only set preference but half the time your not. If you want to play free for all it’s not as bad I guess but since it’s peer to peer if one person has bad internet everyone in the match basically does.

        1. I was afraid they’d continue to use peer-to-peer. Makes me wonder why they bothered with charging for online if they aren’t gonna have dedicated servers to help lighten the load for those with slow internet. (I guess the simple answer would be just jumping on a trend because they saw how the others were making money on said trend.) It’s one thing for it to be P2P in Japan where they don’t have to deal with douche-y internet companies but a lot of countries don’t have this luxury.

          1. Yea apparently it’s because p2p is the best thing for fighting games since the game is so dependent on quick inputs and a server would create a delay in that, I have no evidence of that since I barely play fighting games but that’s wt majority of people have been saying. I would prefer servers honestly but this may be the case for that decision. Either way it’s a problem because we now have to pay for the terrible online. I’m just hoping it’s something they can fix

  3. I pray they fix bayonetta to where its not a punishment to play as her… Hardcore lag on everymove, her nerfs made activating her final smash awful because the added knockback increase to her moves so they dont combo into each other moves opponents too far out. Witch time is now tbe worst counter ingame due to the increased endlag and lag startup. And how shes can easily get knocked out.

    While characters like ganon can kill at 25.

    I know the antibayo crowd will say she deserved the nerfs she did to an extent but not where its as bad as it is and winning is always agaigst you.
    Andi hope the fix the lag and input lag…. Its awful

      1. @rosalina, i mean, thats the point of a projectile kit. If theyre just standing on the side and spamming and running away to do it again then yeah, screw them. My cousin is an excellent link player, sprinkling in the bombs, arrows and boomerang. Its annoying to play against but more or less practice haha.

  4. I’ve not experienced these online issues everyone’s talking about. I used to have smash parties back before I had kids but now I live far from my friends and honestly, playing online brings back those days just fine with not much lag. That being said, I think this update will fix matchmaking when playing randoms. I haven’t experienced too much trouble here either yet I’ve heard others have.

    One thing I hope they do fix is not being able to watch replays once you update (which ironically will remove the videos I’ve saved so far). We’re going to be saving a lot of replays in this game and it’d suck to lose them every time they update. I also hope they don’t nerf any character. Can y’all believe people are already complaining for nerfs? The game hasn’t been out for a week yet, you haven’t studied every matchup possible. There just hasn’t been enough time.

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