US: NPD Group Reveal Top Ten GameCube Games

The NPD Group which tracks video game sales in the United States has revealed the top ten best-selling GameCube titles. It seems Nintendo fans in the USA couldn’t get enough of Super Smash Bros Melee which still proves to be popular to this day. The Smash Bros Gamecube outing was followed by Mario Kart: Double Dash, which is placed at number two. Here are the best-sellers:


  1. Why is this news? These numbers have been known since the GameCube era ended! What’s next? The best selling NES games??

      1. But history is not news. This is a news blog. I don’t wanna read information that’s completely outdated, no matter how ‘relevant’ it seems.

      1. I hope you realize that everyone of these companies have bought companies. Sony bought most of theirs and Rare was actually offered to Nintendo… they passed on them though.

  2. While the black sheep of the franchise, Star Fox Adventures deserves more respect than it gets. If not for that horrid ending where they bring fucking Andross back, I would have given that game a 10/10. Even so, I wish they had kept it as Dinosaur Planet with Krystal as the hero & just had Star Fox be side characters that help Krystal in her quest. Starlink’s Switch version is what Dinosaur Planet should have fucking been!

    1. Anyway, if they really use Star Fox Zero as a reboot point for Star Fox and don’t continue the originals, I say they should remake Star Fox Adventures into the game it was originally meant to be and relegate Star Fox as side characters. If Nintendo can, get the guys that had the idea for Dinosaur Planet to develop it. If they are at Playtonic Games, get them ASAP.

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