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New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Available For Pre-Load And It’s 2.5 GB

Nintendo has published the listing for the upcoming New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you live in the United Kingdom the game is full price at £49.99, the same as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which was also a Wii U port. Mario’s 2D adventure will be released on 11th of January 2019 and the file-size is a mere 2.5GB. You can also get double points for pre-ordering.


42 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Available For Pre-Load And It’s 2.5 GB”

      1. Because its 6 years old and you can find the original for 20 dollars. This doesn’t even have a whole lot of new stuff added in. It’s also not enough of a beloved game that people would want to spend another 60 dollars on

      2. Because it just isn’t worth it.
        It’s great for newcomers to the switch coz it’s a good enough game and it has the Luigi pack, but it’s not the fondest of side scrolling MARIO bros.
        It’s priced like this because it will sell quite a few to said newcomers etc, but watch the price drop very quickly, which is when il buy for my switch collection.
        If for some bizarre reason I really get the itch to play it sooner, il blow the dust of the wii u.

  1. Nice. I don’t think I’ll buy day one just because I know I won’t play through it with all the other games there are to play and I already played it on wiiu but definitely good to have for the new switch owners.

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  4. Jesus, the Switch would have been fucked if the Wii U was more successful. Like what if the Wii U was like 2.5 times stronger and it was more of a success? The Switch wouldn’t have been to really market itself as being a portable with console quality graphics and porting anything from the Switch to the Wii U would have been way more work.

    1. I get what you’re trying to say, but no it really wouldn’t. That would be no different than comparing the Switch to the PS4. And Nintendo isn’t one to put out graphically intensive titles either.

      1. How would it be like comparing it the Switch to the PS4 in anyway.

        Also Nintendo does make graphically intensive games for their hardware they release. Breath of the Wild was graphically intensive to the point that the hardware was a hinderance to how it looked. Without any changes to the assets and without spending any more money, they could have improved texture filter, resolution, kept the frame rate more stable, and increased ground clutter and shadow draw distances if the hardware was even twice as good. When you’re walking around the Korok Forest you can see leaves drawing on the ground just like 6 feet in front of you and when you’re gliding down from the Ruto area you can very evidently see the shadow of trees draw with a hard line.

        They can very easily use the extra power but their hardware is always very weak. Just look at all the tricks that they had to do for Mario Odyssey. Handheld mode renders at half resolution with frame recombination and the docked mode runs with a dynamic resolution that peaks at 900p but averages at lower and both modes have NPCs as sprites in the distance and at lower frame rates when they’re even a little far away.

        I’m willing to bet that if the Wii U was twice as powerful, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad: Tracker, Bayonetta 2, etc. would have still been rendered at 720p but with higher polygon counts and more effects which would have meant that the Switch, with it’s current specs would not be able to run them in handheld mode without a degradation in quality. DKTF already runs at a lower resolution in handheld mode than it runs on the Wii U.

        1. What I mean is that if a traditional console more powerful than the Switch would have ruined it’s chances of success, it wouldn’t be doing well now since that’s already the case with the other two.

          The Switch running games at a lower quality is already a compromise people take because of the portability. That’s why I said it wouldn’t be that different from PS4>Switch because that’s already what’s happening.

          1. Making a system that’s a handheld and a home console isn’t the only way to differentiate your system from others and innovating doesn’t always require sacrificing performance. The Wii still would have been different from the other consoles if it was also made to be HD.

            Nintendo had 3.5 years to make something better than Microsoft and Sony and the potential to make something interesting was huge. They could have made a console with built VR capabilities for pretty much the same price as the Switch and people would have bought that.

            Besides, I think too many people assume that people are buying the Switch because they’re enamored with the concept. There are people who bought the Switch and just use it in docked mode for Nintendo games and nothing else. I know two brothers who are Nintendo lifers and used to call Sony’s headquarters and flush the toilet on the them and do crank calls to Sega. They loved the Wii but it was that generation that they decided to get their first non-Nintendo system, a PS3 Slim, in order to play the games that weren’t coming to the Wii. The Wii sold a PS3 to people who previously never wanted to own a Sony system. Since then, Nintendo systems have just been relegated to playing Nintendo games while they play everything else on the PlayStation. That was true with the Wii U and still true with the Switch. They also bought the 3DS, 3DS XL, the New 3DS… the Switch stays in it’s dock though. Similarly I know another friend who owned the 3DS and she loved it. Her boyfriend got a Switch. They’ve never used it as a handheld… not that I think she would like it as one considering she felt the 3DS XL was too big.

            Just looking at the list of million+ sellers on Switch tells me that it’s still mainly Nintendo games that people are buying on Switch.


            Compare that to PS4


            It kind of feels like the biggest reason for Switch’s success is just that Nintendo started targeting their marketing towards a demographic that can actually spend money instead of directly at kids.

            1. I can’t speak for everyone, but I use my Switch docked a lot as well. But, I got it because of its “Switch” concept. At any point in time in the future, I could take it out and enjoy portable gameplay. Even if I don’t always use it undocked, knowing I have the option of both choices is good. I’d assume that’s the case for many other people as well.

              I mean, yeah, Nintendo games are always going to be a factor of why people get Nintendo consoles. But, remember the only big thing it launched with was Breath of the Wild. It’s an excellent game, don’t get me wrong. But, there is no way that one single game is responsible for moving that many Switch’s at launch. If anything, Super Mario Odyssey is more of a system seller imo. The concept of the Switch is definitely why most people wanted it.

    2. If Wii U had done better, we would have still gotten the Switch but it would have released a lot later than it did. I say the Switch would have released around the same time as the PS5 and Xbox *insert name here* if not maybe a year or two later.

      1. If the Wii U was more of a success, Nintendo would have a much harder time selling the Wii U’s software library to Switch owners. When PS3 and Xbox 360 games were re-released on the PS4 and Xbox One, they were at least re-mastered. That’s not the case here.

      2. It would not be a bad thing if they return to their roots and make some 2D sprite platforming placed at an honest price (29$?). Sprite graphics is still cool if properly handled. I don’t find find Bros. U much appeling, looks like a cheap phone game, certainly a 59$ price is way off, even if it’s not low on content.

        1. You know what. You’re right. There is a lot of cool stuff some people are still doing with 2D pixel sprites. Instead of reviving some of their older franchises as 3D titles, maybe revive them and use today’s tech for sprites instead. I’d be fine with Ice Climbers being one of them. Super Mario Bros should definitely get a new series of sprite games. Maybe have them being part of their own timeline as sequels to Super Mario World.

  5. The reason people comment on the price is because the case still stands as it did for Tropical Freeze.
    It’s a remake of a game that was released years back with changes so small that there is no significant difference between the two.
    Definitely not something worth “full” price.

  6. I still think this should have been a collection of all the New Super Mario Bros games with a new hard mode to challenge veteran players who already played those games,that would have been pretty cool,but I guess that would have been to much effort for Nintendo to make the 3 previous games in HD.

    I’m definitly skipping this,but it’s great if you never had a Wii U.It’s a VERY easy game(made even easier lol),but it’s fun.

    1. In some other universe, Nintendo PlayStation was a thing, Nintendo & Sony merged, and they are now ruling at least one of the universes where the outcome was the same with an iron fist as they’ve turned the world into their slaves. lol In another, they are a benevolent leader fighting the good fight for all of Video Gamingkind against the PC Culture Scourge!

      1. Or probably Nintendo would be a shit company because there wouldn’t have much rivals, and the company wouldn’t be interested in making the products better. Just thinking..

  7. It would not be a bad thing if they return to their roots and make some 2D sprite platforming placed at an honest price (29$?). Sprite graphics is still cool if properly handled. I don’t find find Bros. U much appeling, looks like a cheap phone game, certainly a 59$ price is way off, even if it’s not low on content.

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