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Damon Baker Has Announced He’s Leaving Nintendo

Damon Baker has announced today on Twitter that he is leaving Nintendo and is very thankful for the experience. It is not clear were Baker is heading next, but he has done a great job on the Nintendo Switch with getting independent developers and third party developers onboard.


10 thoughts on “Damon Baker Has Announced He’s Leaving Nintendo”

    1. Last time i check most ports recently are newer ps4 games o3o it’s not his fault the wiiu was a mediocre console. He probably had one of the most difficult jobs in the industry if you think about it.

  1. Ports or not, thanks for making sure the Switch didn’t suffer from a drought of games, Damon Baker! It’s not something I needed since I got a PS4 but thanks all the same for those that don’t have a secondary system or don’t have a capable gaming desktop/laptop PC! Good luck in your future endeavors!

    1. is that a bad news?
      I dont know adelman or baker…
      but… 3th partie support… ehm they did not a good job, sorry.
      there is no game from them, except doom. evt. skyrim… everything else is Ps3 ports

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