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Switch News Channel Posts Tutorial To Show Users How To Find Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tutorial In-Game

The Nintendo Switch news channel is a great way to catch up on some of the eShop sales and updates you may have missed if you don’t frequently browse online. The latest tip is a tutorial to show newcomers how the find the tutorial for Super Smash Bros Ultimate which plenty of users will have received for Christmas. It is interesting that Nintendo has felt the need to highlight this as the Super Smash Bros Ultimate in-game menu isn’t completely straight forward.



    1. in all fairness we as a species have become dumber with each generation so while this may be a dumb thing to us who haven’t devolved in the intelligence department, its a good idea for the dummies that think eating tide pods is a good idea or taking a selfie of a dead corpse in japan is a good idea

  1. I love smash for years now. I Remember to sit and watch the tutorials of smash 64 and brawl. I didnt need the tutorials anymore but i watched the Ultimate one , and its more detailed than ever, wave dash and tip of recovery are in there better explained. Newcomers need to watch this explanations and the tips , because sometimes they hook up because they feel our love for smash, but they dont full understand it, so this help a lot.

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