Nintendo Switch

Game Freak Says They Are Hoping To Surprise Players In 2019

Pokemon developers Game Freak have told Weekly Famitsu that they hope to surprise players in 2019. We know there’s a core Pokemon game coming to the Nintendo Switch next year, but details on that won’t be revealed until a later date. The company didn’t elaborate further.




    1. I knew most of the comments here would be about Pokemon. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who forgot about Town. I’m really rooting for this game to get big!!


  1. I will only be surprised if they remove random encounters from Gen 8, and if they also put new Mega Evolutions. Dragonite, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Flygon, etc. need Mega Evolutions. Oh, and please never made a stupid rival like Hau from Sun and Moon.


  2. Honestly I want a fully realized 3d world with 3rd person perspective, adjustable camera and quests, you know like most open world games. But I highly doubt gamefreak is capable of this so I’ll settle for let’s go gameplay without the tacked on motion controls.


  3. Gamefreak, I DON’T want to use a f**kin mobile phone to obtain and evolve non-breedable, legendaries, and mythical Pokemon!

    Also, 100 new Pokemon minimum. And stop trying too incorporate philosophies from the anime into the games.

    That is all.

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  4. Ya know, they could actually surprise us with something GOOD – like adding in an MMO component (doesn’t have to be the full game, but they could allow trainers to access another world that is shared by other players with limited things to do, like battling, trading, exploring with others, etc).
    My hope is that we see Pokemon Snap return, as a fully fleshed out bonus feature to the actual game.


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