UK Games Market Now 80% Digital And Here Are The Best-Selling Games Of 2018

Games Industry is reporting today that a whopping 80% of video game sales in the largest video game market in Europe, the UK, are now digital sales. In fact the UK video games market is worth more than the video and music market combined. The video games software market is currently up 9.1 per cent. Here were the best-selling video games of last year in the United Kingdom:

1FIFA 191,889,401
2Red Dead Redemption 21,757,212
3Call of Duty: Black Ops 41,172,855
5Mario Kart 8: Deluxe458,675
6Far Cry 5434,133
7Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy430,551
8God of War399,395
9Forza Horizon 4392,960
10FIFA 18351,788
11Grand Theft Auto V339,805
12Spyro Reignited Trilogy333,725
13Battlefield V313,100
14Assassin’s Creed Odyssey305,937
15Super Smash Bros Ultimate284,155
16Super Mario Odyssey240,710
17Call of Duty: WWII230,576
18Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu227,767
19Shadow of the Tomb Raider226,125
20Fallout 76218,534



      1. For sale: Nintendo switch games only a fiver.
        Selling cheap due to no longer being able to experience the full game as download required and servers now shut down.

    1. Yea I’m sure those numbers are bullshit. They probably count mobile games or low budget indie games ($5 games) or free-to-play games (Fortnite, Warframe) as well. I can say the same about myself: I bought more digital games than physical. But that’s only because I bought alot of indie games. If you only consider the money spent, I spent way more money on physical games than digital.

  1. Also that digital percentage includes games that would of been purchased physically like mega man 11 and monster boy.
    I’ve waited and gona order mine from N. A.

  2. That 80% number for total sales of games being digital is complete BS. It’s likely including the mobile market and then there are a tonne of Indie games on all the platforms that are digital only.

  3. Whether some people like it or not, the digital age is growing. Hopefully the way digital works evolves as the digital age increases. Like if you get a PS5, you’ll have access to any & all games you got through digital on the PS4. As long as digital games are actually 100% yours & can’t be taken away AND can be taken to the next successor system with very little difficulty, the digital age is only gonna grow more & physical media will slowly (for the most part) be just something collectors do.

  4. If this percentage is for real, that’s pitiful. I hate seeing what games (and gamers) these days have become. When I have a digital game, it gives me no satisfaction whatsoever about having the game. I don’t even consider owning it. It’s just there. Like a ghost. And I still seek the physical copy if it’s something I really want. With all of Nintendo’s digital bundles that they sell these days, I feel like I’m getting no games at all. Because I don’t bother with digital games. I’ll just sell the digital code on ebay and buy the physical copy.

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