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Latest European My Nintendo Rewards

The My Nintendo rewards programme has been updated here in Europe and there is a few gems you can get at discounted price points on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The highlights this month are the additions of the well received The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Take a look at the discounts below:


  • [3DS] 20% off Mario Kart 7: 200 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 20% off Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash: 200 Platinum Points
  • [3DS] 20% off Chibi-Robo! Let’s Go, Photo!: 85 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Virtual Console DS): 40 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (Virtual Console DS): 40 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 30% off 1080° Snowboarding (Virtual Console N64): 30 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Advance Wars: Dual Strike (Virtual Console DS): 40 Gold Points


  • Mario Items (Theme): 20 Gold Points
  • Super Mario (Neon Green) (Theme): 20 Gold Points
  • Tomodachi Life Speech Bubble (Theme): 20 Gold Points

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13 thoughts on “Latest European My Nintendo Rewards”

    1. They already did bring switch rewards. It’s different, and I like it better actually. Basically, every 100 gold points are worth a dollar on the switch eshop. So as you just buy games, you get gold coins, then those gold coins can be used for a discount on your next game. I’ve gotten like a $5 discount on every game I’ve purchased because of it.

      1. While that is nice, it’s nowhere near as good as PS4’s PS Plus deals. I still feel like my gold coins are going to waste because, as another said, you’d have to spend quite a lot of money to even get enough gold coins to even get to 5 bucks worth of gold coins, making those few cents or few bucks not very worthwhile. PS Plus deals can add to the deals already going on for non-PS Plus users so people save more than just 5 bucks for a lot less the price at a measly 60 bucks a year. (I find it amusing when people complain that 60 bucks a year is too much when the benefits of the service far outweigh the price if you do a lot of gaming & buy a lot of games every where. I wish I could say the same for Nintendo’s paid online.)

  1. I remember when I got The Wind Waker HD FOR FREE on the Wii U with the rewards program. These “discounts” of old and overpriced ROM files that I can just play on a laptop or hacked Wii U are a fucking joke! (yes, it’s 100% legal to hack your Wii U and put an emulator with ROMs on there as long as you own the games on another platform already).

    1. firstly you didn’t get wind waker hd free with the rewards program, it was (one of 6 or 8 choices) free when you bought mario kart 8 on wii u at launch. club nintendo was merely how they distributed it. the mdoern equivalaent is buying bayonetta 2 brand new on switch and they give you a dlc code for the first one. c

      Secondly it’s not legal to play roms on pc or any other emulator. it’s only legal for you to make a back up copy. this copy has to be created specifically by you, from the exact physical copy you own. downloading a rom regardless of wether you own it is illegal. playing a rom, regardless of if you own it, is illegal. Even if you have created your own unque copy from a physical version you own, it isn’t actually legal to play it.

      obviously they’re not going to hunt you down, but make no mistake about it, if you’re playing any rom that you’ve not directly purchased from the ip holder, you’re playing it illegally.

      1. You are a fucking idiot!!!! I IS LEGAL to emulate ROMs ON ANY PLATFORM WHATSOEVER if you own the original game!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO LAW that tells you what hardware is allowed to render the ROM data on your cartridge!!! If you own the game cartridge IT IS 100% LEGALLY ALLOWED to dump the ROM data onto another device, let’s say a computer, and program an emulator (or use a legal one by someone else) that then plays the game like on original hardware. Just like it is 100% legal to buy music on a CD, meant to play on a CD-player, but convert it to MP3 and listen to it on your phone.
        I cannot believe that there are people out there that are so fucking stupid that they don’t realize that playing your game ROMs on different hardware is legal.

      2. In spite of typing like an eight year old, darth is right about the legality of playing your own dumps on an emulator.
        It does however have to be a dump of your cartridge, and not somebody else’s of the same game.

        (i.e. still illegal to download super metroid even if you actually own a copy of super metroid)

  2. I wish the gameplay was the same like in Windwaker. The story is great but the gameplay is horrible. Ot would be nice if they remade this to Switch standards.

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