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God Of War Art Director Creates His Own Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Art

Raf Grassetti, who is the art director behind the acclaimed God of War on the PlayStation 4, has been busy making his own fan art for the characters in Nintendo’s hit Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Rather than creating the typical fan-art, Grassetti has been making realistic models of the characters who appear in the series. So far Mr. Grassetti has shared images of Samus Aran, Link, Fox McCloud and Bowser. The next character he will be working on is Sonic. Take a look at his art-work below:


27 thoughts on “God Of War Art Director Creates His Own Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fan Art”

    1. Link looks like an Original Character in a Witcher game, Fox looks like he put on a couple pounds, something about Bowser’s face seems off and Samus’ s helmet also seems a bit off, that being said I like them, all of them.

  1. They look great, actually, in spite of my issues with some of them. Like Samus, for instance. Her helmet is too small & there are no blade like designs to the elbow protrusions of the left arm & the right arm cannon. If they are gonna have Samus use more physical attacks in the Metroid games & not rely solely on her arm cannon for attacks, it makes sense to add sharp edges to the elbow, arm cannon, & knee protrusions as that’ll not only knock an enemy away but even stab a few of them, doing more damage than if they were smooth edges.

  2. I’m never a fan of these “realistic” versions of Nintendo characters and these are no different. Every time someone does Link in particular he always looks ugly and much older. Totally missing his boyish look.

  3. Inspired by the realistic Pokémon, no doubt.
    Fox looks a bit scary, Link looks awesome, Bowser looks like Kingpin, and Samus has an interesting design. Overall I like it.

  4. they are amazing. bowser looks kind of like giga bowser a bit…..but it’s still amazing, link maybe looks a little older, but still fairly young. fox is BUFF AF, but that’s cool (personally fox bores me any ways) but that samus is just….amazing. sure the helmet isn’t as wide, but it’s more realistic. also her armor looks like it has real presence, it’s less fantasy, but uses all the original elements. haha I wish these were alternate costumes.

  5. I gotta be honest, I like his design for Samus more than any of her other designs. Especially the slimmed down shoulder armor. Looks a lot less jarring in his artwork.

  6. I think he makes the heads just slightly too small compared to the bodies and that’s what throughs them off.

    1. Links head size is ok, i think what throws him off in most realsitic art is the choice of race people choose. While his games take place in a more western like medieval world, there’s still bits of japanese mixed into the world and character design. I think making link multi-racial would make him look more like a real life version of him.

        1. Pointy ears doesn’t make Link & his race any more of an elf than horns makes a dragon a demon or vice versa. Anyway, his race was designated as Hylian by the Zelda team so not an elf. (Not to mention pointy ears are also used for other non-elves, too, like orcs, goblins, demons, etc.) My theory is that it’s possible that they may have been elves at one point but once the first Zelda, a reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia, had children & they became the future race of the land that would eventually be Hyrule, they became Hylians, descendants of the Goddess Hylia, hence the name Hylian. Seeing as how close Zelda & Link were of that time period, I would assume the first Link is the forefather of the Hylian race just as Zelda is the foremother. (This theory might annoy the “Link & Zelda can’t be together” nuts but I don’t care. It’s my theory, so they can suck it!)

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