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Video: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fan Impressions

Attendees at MCM London Comic Con had a chance to get their hands on New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. To see what some of them think of the game, check out the embedded video below. Available now for Nintendo Switch, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe consists of two side-scrolling adventures – New Super Mario Bros. U and the faster-paced New Super Luigi U. Both of them include the playable characters Nabbit and Toadette, who can use the Super Crown power-up to transform herself into Peachette.

27 thoughts on “Video: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fan Impressions”

  1. This is fake if you want to know fans real impressions of the game go to the youtube comments section and see the best intellectual critique that people have on this game

    1. You mean, if you want to see entitled whining?
      Or do you mean intellectual critique like the top comment on launch trailer “Add Wario and Waluigi and this would sell like hotcakes”?

      1. Every time I read a post about New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and visit the comment, there’s always someone begging for Wario and Waluigi to be in the game. I know, they’re two of the most iconic characters in the Mario world. The game will survive while waiting for them. But can you play them without a game?

          1. I never did beat older Mario games, so I can’t say anything about those. But, Galaxy didn’t click with me. I love the music a lot along with Rosalina and Luma.

            I’ve seen everyone put Mario Galaxy as basically a masterpiece. I was beginning to think maybe there was something wrong with me. But, I’m relieved to see someone else think differently.

      1. I never finished PM:TYD so I’m sticking with the original. And Super Mario Sunshine felt like an improvement over SM64. And SMW was a vast improvement over SMB3. So I’m sticking with my choices!

        So don’t you objection me, peasant! D:< (lol)

    1. Super Mario Sunshine? Big meh. It’s the actual game that decided my departure from the Nintendo’s world. After the delusion of Luigi’s Mansion, Wind Waker and especially Mario Sunshine I said farewell and decided to buy an Xbox (I had a PS2 too before). SNES-yay, N64-yay, GC-nay, Wii-nay, Wii U-nay, Switch-yay.

  2. I play every 2D Mario platformers official released in europe. Every new title in this series is great and better. In mine 36yo i still love it and yes this game buy too..

  3. They are trying sooooo hard to sell you a 2012 game at full price.
    Try harder.

    It’s good game, it’s just from 2012 with no clean up or tweaks like DK tropical freeze.

    1. ehm… youre almost right…
      but did you never bought a game as hd remaster or remake or a compilation from a game that you dident play in the past, because you dident have the time?
      your comment us like…
      uhhh ps4 gamers can play resident evil 1 remake (yes i know… now in hd)… its a old ngc game…
      i guess you unterstand me.
      mostly nobody buys the game if he has it on u (infact he dident sell it).
      uts for those who dosent have it. mits a great game… that a lot people dident play because they not ownet a U

  4. Aaron Reason - Hutchens

    I bought this game to play with my Dad. We love to play Mario games together (my first game I ever played was TLoZ: ALttP and I played it with him, I was under the age of 4 1/2 when the game released) anyways my Dad has been battling cancer for the past 25 years. Well I bought this game the day it came out, but he wasn’t feeling good so we decided to play it on that following Monday. I had to take him to the hospital late just the next day which he was hospitalized. Early Monday (1/14) he passed away due to complications from cancer at the young age of 55. I’m not sure I can play the game now. But it’s nice to see that families are playing the game and enjoying themselves.

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