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Nintendo Was Metacritic’s 4th Best-Scoring Major Publisher Of 2018

Metacritic has released data about the best-scoring major publishers of 2018. Nintendo ended up placing at #4 on the top 13 chart, thanks to an average review score of 76.4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a score of 93, was Nintendo’s highest scoring game. Octopath Traveler, which had a score of 83, was Nintendo’s best-scoring new IP. The Nintendo game that received the worst score was Kirby Battle Royale, with a score of 57. Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Octopath Traveler were among the Metacritic fan favorites. According to Metacritic, “Nintendo tied Sega for the largest number of titles released in 2018”. The top 13 chart is down below.

  1. Capcom — 79.3
  2. Sega — 78.5
  3. EA — 77.5
  4. Nintendo — 76.4
  5. Ubisoft — 73.7
  6. Sony — 71.8
  7. Square Enix — 71.0
  8. Bandai Namco — 71.8
  9. Digerati Distribution — 69.9
  10. NIS America — 69.5
  11. Plug In Digital — 69.4
  12. Focus Home Interactive — 69.8
  13. THQ Nordic — 64.4



      1. Whoa. Well done Nintendo!

        Capcom coming out on top didn’t surprise me. A lot of their games from Dragon’s Dogma to Monster Hunter World are top-notch. What surprised me though is Sega. I never thought it would come second and surpass EA and Nintendo and even Ubisoft. Well, I guess this is according to Metacritic.

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