Nintendo Switch

Video: Nintendo Switch My Way – Final Fantasy VII (Original) & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo of America has been running an advertising campaign called Nintendo Switch My Way which shows just how versatile the system is for everyone of all age groups. This particular My Way advert focussing on the best-selling Nintendo Switch game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Final Fantasy VII (original)



    1. Well, yes. This will be the original game from the PS1 era.

      No word on a release date for the HD remake as of yet. (Is it even still a thing?)


      1. Oh right, original as in ‘not the remake.’ It looks like it is the up-rezzed version that’s on PS4 already.


      2. The Remake is still a thing. But we won’t be hearing about it for a LONG time. They already said in an article that from that start, it was a definite mistake to have announced the game so early. They weren’t joking when they said the game would be huge. Nonetheless, we won’t hear from them about for at least another year.

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      1. True, it’s getting FFXV’d, but at least they’re expanding the game to the point where it needs an episodic release.It’s a long wait for gloriously long content. It’l be worth it


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