Shuntaro Furukawa: Nintendo World At Universal Park Japan “Will Be Ready In 2020” & Illumination Super Mario Movie “Aiming For 2022”

Before the Q&A segment of the Nintendo investors briefing began, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa provided an update on Universal Park Japan’s Super Nintendo World, as well as Illumination’s Super Mario movie. The former will be ready for 2020, and the latter is aiming for a release in 2022. Furukawa did not give any further details.



  1. Wow. It’s great to hear that 2020 will be so much fun with Nintendo World At Universal Park Japan. I know it’s going to be awesome when it’s finished. I hope someone will treat me there. Just one more year!

  2. Will be hard to imagine Mario and Luigi speaking with Full Sentences, and for Mario Characters to be dubbed in different languages. I mean when the Mario Franchise did start voice acting, it was decided that the characters would sound the same in all parts of the world (even those that speak different languages) and that the Plumbers would not talk full sentences with text boxes. For whoever voices Mario and Luigi in Illumnination’s Mario movie, it would be appreciated if like in the games that it’s the same person, I personally can’t imagine those 2 not being voiced by the same person.

    1. “Will be hard to imagine Mario and Luigi speaking with Full Sentences”

      They did in the cartoons though.

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