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Xbox Live Is Set To Further Connect Players On Nintendo Switch, Android, And iOS

A developer session by Microsoft, which is due to take place at this year’s GDC, will be about a new update to the cross-platform developer kit that will allow Xbox Live to further connect with players on Android, iOS and the Nintendo Switch platform. You will soon be able to “have your achievements, clubs, friends list and “more” while on the move, and could pick up on some experiences where you left off.”


40 thoughts on “Xbox Live Is Set To Further Connect Players On Nintendo Switch, Android, And iOS”

  1. It’d be real funny if Xbox Live was more useful to play with friends on Nintendo Switch than it is with Nintendo’s own app.

      1. I think what Xbox meant to say is “Play with me too. I can let you play with your Android, iOS and Switch owner-friends!”. It’s desperately crying for an audience. So now we know why Damon Baker went to Microsoft. The gaming industry is truly full of surprises. Anyway, this seems like a good news to me.

      1. The sooner Nintendo goes third party the better , that way they can focus what there actually good at , making games. Coming from someone who has been supporting Nintendo since day 1 back in the days.

      2. Nintendoroidblog yeah maybe that way they can get on to franchises right away. They choose weak horsepower each generation while their games are on delay. Waiting 4 years for Pikmin 4 and still havent made my day.

      3. Sorry pretendocancerboy… but the chances of Nintendo going third party is less than 0%. After Nintendo gaining over $1 billion due to sales of the Nintendo Switch and games, they’re here to stay and you fucking know it.

      4. N-Dub Nation. You are such a drone. He is right, more people playing Smash Bros, Zelda, Mario would be amazing. Don’t be stupid

  2. Xbox as a brand is dying and the next console might be their last… They’re just trying to hang on to Nintendo to save their gaming business.
    Nintendo should avoid them like the plague.

    1. Even though Xbox One has not sold as much as the other consoles, doesn’t mean it failed. It has still made considerable profits for microsoft, and the Xbox brand has actually never been stronger. There’s just a lot more numbers in the Video Game Industry right now, and a lot of people are owning multiple consoles. You’re clearly just a butthurt troll, but please, take your delusional ramblings elsewhere.

    2. Screw that. If Microsoft by some chance gave up on making video game systems & went 3rd party with the games & developers they own, it’d be great if they partnered with Nintendo as Ninty needs someone that can do a great job with online stuff which is something Nintendo still mostly sucks at doing.

  3. How is this a bad thing? If microsoft puts their good games on this service it just means more games right? I’d love to play kh3 on switch if they bring it over

    1. Kingdom Hearts 3 has nothing to do with Microsoft. It’s been largely Sony in fact, this is the first game to go multiplat.

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  5. At this rate Nintendo should partner with Microsoft to integrate Xbox live. Its so much better than their service and they could probably negotiate with Microsoft for a budget xbl gold for switch subscription and repurpose switch online to a vc subscription service

    1. Thinking something like Nintendo Live (powered by Xbox live). Nintendo gets their own spinoff of Xbox Live and Microsoft takes a small cut of the subscription fee for the tech. If you have an Xbox and Switch then you can link your Microsoft and Nintendo account to buy a bundle subscription for both.

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  8. Xbox LIVE comes to the Nintendo Switch, announced at the same time that they confirm Banjo and Kazooie as the newest DLC character for ‘Ultimate’, either at GDC or E3.


  9. It feels like Microsoft is more open to working with Nintendo specifically than ever, which could mean they might consider helping Nintendo make the online services better by allowing Nintendo Switch system to possible Stream Xbox One titles as well as work with their online services like servers for online matches.

    They know that they can’t beat Sony or Nintendo next generation, so they’ll more than likely focus on possibly making the next console more open which will actually appeal to more people whilst also giving a helping hand to Nintendo in more ways than one.

    Do I see games like Forza, Halo or Gears coming to the Switch? No, but streaming them could be a possibility. Plus, future relationships with Nintendo could lead to them giving Nintendo the chance to get Rare IPs like Conker, Banjo and many other IPs that used to be Nintendo exclusives back onto their systems again.

    1. “They know they can’t be sony or nintendo next generation” You must be either very young, or have a very poor Memory. SNES was the clear winner of it’s generation. But then Playstation comes out of nowhere, and blows N64 out of the water. Everyone loves the playstation, yet before it came out everyone thought there was no way they could beat nintendo.

      Next comes the PS2. Easily wins that console generation, and everyone says Sony is unbeatable. THe PS3, looks like a work of art, it’s so powerful, it’s got so many cool extra features it’s like an entire home theatre system in a box. And why not? What helped the PS2 win was the DVD drive. But no. Xbox 360 comes out first, and IT gets all the early sales, and all the game exclusives. I remember going to walmart and seeing 3-5 displays of all Xbox 360 games, and then one measley shared cabinet for Sony and Nintendo. Xbox dominated at one point. And then the Xbone was announced, with all these amazing bells and whistles, voice control and an AI assistant years before Alexa even existed, and suddenly for no legitimate reason everyone just jumped ship back to Playstation, despite Xbox having a superior interface and online service. And as the sales turned Sony, so did the exclusives. I guess I’m being unreasonable. It’s the exclusives that brought people. SOny did a good job in the PS3 generation of ignoring that they were behind, and dropped a lot of money on first party content. That first party strength continued into this generation, and thats why everyone jumped on the playstation. For as much as I would argue the Xbox is a better console, I can’t deny a playstation can play pretty much every game an xbox can that matters, and plus a ton of amazing quality games the xbox can’t.

      But all that could change next generation. If you don’t think the pendulum can swing again, then as I said you have a very short term memory my friend.

    2. Actually next gen Xbox is really calling out Sony. They just bought like 12 studios, expanded the Xbox division, and appear to have 2-3 next gen systems coming. Not to mention now Xbox services are coming to other platforms now….xbox has said they want to have a way to stream Xbox games on switch, you can already do this on pc……xbox x games streamed to a itch + game pass 🔥 🤩

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