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EEDAR Research: Nintendo Switch Has 50/50 Male:Female Ratio And Average Age 18-24

Research firm EEDAR has produced a new report giving further insight into current Nintendo Switch owners. The main demographic playing the system are aged between 18 and 24. What is also interesting is that the male:female split ratio is roughly even at 50/50. This is different from the initial demographic report when the system launched in 2017.

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  1. There’s no stats for the under 18s.
    Take it this is because you need to be 18 for a Nintendo id. ( or younger poss with parent consent)
    So possibly a lot of those numbers could be parents details for their kids systems.
    Big up to the 55+ ers out there enjoying their switch.

    1. I think the demographic of the research focuses on capable consumers. Anyway, it’s great to see the Switch gaining so much love from everyone. Very interesting. EEDAR should also do this with Wii U and Wii.

  2. That’s great! Always makes me happy seeing more females in the gaming scene.
    Back when I was a kid (Gosh typing that makes me feel old) most Nintendo players I knew were male.

    1. Wow, nice uselessly ironic comment. Maybe there was no “other” option in that survey, maybe they just glossed out people stating they’re of another gender, who knows ?
      Obviously, there are gender fluid people playing Switch. Even if only 0.1% of the population were gender fluid/anything neither male, nor female, there would be tens of thousands of them among Switch owners.

      1. @phazoonn
        Maybe learn a little sociology and biology before spouting such nonsense. You’re wrong about many things in just one sentence. Gender is not biological sex. And even if it were, there would be more than two of them (there are more than two chromosome constellations, not to mention different genitals. And boy, let’s not even get into species other than humans.
        Gender is part of you psychological identity and is not based on your body, but on how you are feeling. Like how you can identify with being, say, right or left-wing. Let’s say you have a male sex. And hey, you feel like a man, so that is also your gender. Cool. That’s my case, too. What’s wrong with having a female sex but feeling like a man or neither man, nor woman ? You’re biologically female, but psychologically something else. Cool, too, doesn’t harm anyone.

      2. @Romain Becker

        And you would be flatout wrong. Otherwise I could make up a gender and claim to be that, and using your logic I would be correct!

  3. I think the average age is a bit higher in Norway. Average gamere here is 30,5 years old. Don’t know if this applies to Nintendo specifically as well, but we got a lot of grumpy old fan boys here saying stuff like “You younglings says NES was your first Nintendo system?” Lol

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