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Dataminer Reveals New Modes For Tetris 99 On Nintendo Switch

Dataminer OatmealDome has been taking a thorough look at the recently released Tetris 99 which is available free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. He has discovered a number of new modes which will presumably be introduced to the game in the coming weeks or months. Here is what OatmealDome has found so far:

  • “Team Battle”: Two giant teams clash. Be on the winning side”
  • “COM Battle”: “Battle against 98 bots. Defeat the machines!” (supports both 99 Battle and Team Battle).You can also change the CPU difficulty in COM Battle.
  • “Marathon”: score attack -> 200 lines or endless. It appears you can also change the starting level.


  1. Tetris 99’s battle royale system is a smash. It even doesn’t stop from being more fun now thanks to the New Modes. If Apex Legends can’t beat Fortnite in its own game, this latest tile-laying puzzle game might. This reveal makes Tetris 99 more exciting and fun.

  2. I hope they put some more wacky modes in the game :O Maybe not quite Puyo Puyo Tetris levels of wacky, but maybe something like very “basic” items/powerups. Or maybe something where the game speeds up and slows down. Simple stuff that isn’t just basic Tetris.

  3. Cool. It’s a unique take on the whole “battle royale” craze. Although I’m wondering how long it’ll stick. As long as it keeps getting more modes I’m sure it’ll retain its playerbase.

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