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Darkest Dungeon 2 Announced

The sequel to indie hit Darkest Dungeon is officially in the works which will come as exciting news for fans. Developer Red Hook Studios unleashed a teaser trailer on YouTube to celebrate the announcement. Details regarding the game have yet to be announced, but the company is suggesting fans follow Darkest Dungeon 2 development by signing up to their mailing list.



    1. Congrats man!

      And of course, a sequel to Red Hook’s brutally hard and dark game would be awesome! I adored the first one’s brilliant Lovecraftian atmosphere. Plus, I really like the challenges I found in Cuphead, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne and I know Darkest Dungeon 2 will constantly remind me of them. Bring it on!

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  1. Damn, my backlog of games keeps increasing.
    Still need to play BotW, Hollow Knight, Darkest Dungeon, Shovel Knight, Starlink, DOOM, Tales of Vesperia, Persona5, Horizon – Guess Darkest Dungeon 2 will be added to that list…

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      1. I played it – didn’t finish it though.

        Not yet, that is – I’ll pick it up once I get in the TLoZ hype again (Probably a few weeks before the new Zelda releases)

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