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Steins;Gate Elite Available Now With Exclusive Content On Nintendo Switch

The wait is over for Steins;Gate Elite, which officially launched today for multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch. However, only the Switch version comes with exclusive content in the form of 8-Bit Adv Steins;Gate – a separate adventure that allows you to experience the city of Akihabara in an 8-bit world and solve mysteries as Okarin. You can check out the latest trailer for Steins;Gate Elite in the embedded video below:

3 thoughts on “Steins;Gate Elite Available Now With Exclusive Content On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Super happy that Nintendo has been chucking us with brilliant games these days. I haven’t looked into Steins;Gate Elite’s anime but the visual novel already got me sold. I love how this game comes with a Switch exclusive content. Writers really put so much dedication and passion into the game’s time travel science & fiction element. This one is also said to incorporate clips from the anime.

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