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Square Enix Reveals New Features Coming To Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Square Enix has provided new details regarding one of the big Final Fantasy titles coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. The game has additional features which weren’t found in the original on the PlayStation 2 and the remaster on PlayStation 4. These include a New Game+ mode for those who’ve completed it which also allows you to carry over items that were obtained in a previous play-through, and also the ability to reset your jobs in-game, and more. Have a watch of the trailer below for the game which is due in April.

FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. 

We’ve added all-new features to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions:
– License (job) reset function
– Customize the jobs of your party as you desire, to match whatever situation you’re in.
– Gambit sets now increased to three sets from one
– Improved New Game +, now you can carry over items that were obtained in a previous play-through.

13 thoughts on “Square Enix Reveals New Features Coming To Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age”

  1. Does anyone know if FF X/X-2 HD Remaster will one game or two seperate games on the home menu? Just curious…
    Also – trying Final fantasy for the first time next month – will buy every single FF main game there is for the switch.
    Any tips on how to play and what to focus on?

    1. Seeing as you have to download X2 regardless of if you buy physical or digital, I’m betting it will be two separate icons, seeing as that’s how it worked with the Mega Man collections.

    2. +Nephstinus
      Final Fantasy Games tend to change how character growth is done across it’s games but if I can offer any advice that works across all games, it’s to grind at regular points in the story. Reason I say this is because in the past, I’ve often neglected my grinding and ended up getting to a boss that absolutely kicks my ass. Some players like myself tend to grind a lot because we love the feeling of being overpowered but if you want to maintain the challenge, just grind a bit whenever you get to a new area that’s filled with monsters. If you find bosses are getting too easy, then it’s a sign you’re grinding too much so you can then dial it back a bit.

      1. Yeah, it’s the same for me…
        I tend to search in every nook and cranny for items, NPC’s that may give me items ( depending on the game ) and often take on every enemy that I face.
        Thanks for the hint there – Do the characters have growth rates or are the stats that I get once I lvl up fixed to the character?

        1. +Nephstinus Typically every character has their own stats, levels, and abilities. In other words, if you leave a character be and not do anything with them, they simply will not grow. Personally I highly discourage this as in most Final Fantasy games, each character has their own assets that can be useful. I will admit some Final Fantasy games do tone down the character individuality and instead focus on a general concept like with Final Fantasy 7’s Materia system but most of the ones I’ve played do like to give each character their own set of tools.

    3. In FF XII a few tips:

      -Explore and dont be afraid to try, its always rewarded! The world is very rich and you even have a very interesting bestiary that records all sort of things and tells stories of the past.

      -You can switch equipements at all times, even during battle so dont be afraid to do so to adapt to the situation.

      -Try to keep your allies buffed in battle at all times, def up, magical def up, bubble etc are always welcome.

      -Do as many hunt quests as you can, they are super fun battles but give you acces to equipement, weapons and story items that you will benefit from.

      -Sell your loot for money and to improve shops!

      -always keep a few healing items on you at all times just in case.

      -Watch out for traps some are very annoying.

      -You can flee if th ennemy is too strong or if they are overwhelming you using the R2 button (should be ZR on the switch)

      -have fun <3

      1. Oof, that is much to consider for me since I usually don’t pay much attention to medication and buff’s in games like these but I’ll try my best and will hopefully have fun since I only heard good things about the game series.
        Thank you very much for taking your time and giving me kind of a Beginner’s Guide !

  2. That’s some nice new features! I’m kinda horny for those 60 FPS on Xbox One X, but oh well, I played the original PS2 game in 30 FPS, so the 30 FPS of the Switch version won’t bother me too much.

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