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Resident Evil 0, 1, And 4 Will Arrive On Nintendo Switch eShop 21st May, Europeans Can Purchase Separately

Capcom has finally announced the date when a trio of iconic Resident Evil video games will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop. You will be able to buy Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4 on the 21st of May. Those of you in Europe will be able to purchase each title separately.

European Switch owners will be able to grab all three games as separate digital downloads through the Nintendo eShop! More info coming soon.

North American Switch owners will be able to purchase Resident Evil Origins Collection at retail, bundling together both RE0 and 1! Stay tuned for more info.



        1. I mean 6 is bad it truly is. 5 is as well. As much as I dislike those it would be cool to have the entire RE series on the Switch. I’d love a pro controller for it too!

  1. I’d rather have a remake of all Resident Evil games. I just finished the remake of RE2 on PS4 and it was pretty cool. Though I don’t think I could have gotten through it if it weren’t for YouTube. I don’t know how half of the puzzles/codes/combinations are figured out normally in the game. But I was so tense and frustrated getting through the game that I had no interest in playing both character’s stories.

  2. I loved Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 I never had a fit. Resident Evil 1 I loved but it was so hard I couldn’t beat it. I may have to go to YouTube or find a cheat kit. Anyway, The weather is cold, Klungo, where are my mitts?

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